Change on the changes that change the changing thing

There’s no way you only read this blog, so you already know about 1.0.5 patchy largesse for WAR. If you don’t, here’s the link to the Herald Post where you can reeeead allllll abouuuuut it.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is that people clamour for patches. When they get them, they gasp in horror and fall over while frothing at the mouth about how that patch wasn’t what they wanted. Often, they add a diatribe about how the OTHER class got everything they wanted despite being horribly OP already, etc etc etc. Ad bloody nauseam.

(Just like with launch servers. We gasped at how few there were and at the queues. Now, we’re lambasting Mythic for having too many launch servers. The blogosphere has NO sense of personal irony, and apparently not much of a memory either.)

I’m going to wait till I experience this buff/debuff thing for myself before I comment, because quite often what seems awful on paper turns out to be a good thing for the game, if not necessarily for my characters. Some of the more generic changes — like Morale abilities actually firing when used — are obviously good, provided they work. We shall see.

Meantime, I’m going to pimp my CoW buddy Rackham and his latest post/strip. The man has talent! He’s making us a CoW-Order side wallpaper, and I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

TGIF, at least for those of you in jobs that recognise weekends. Me, I’m likely to be slaving at the computer all weekend and *not* by handing shammies their nasty little green backsides.

WAR Game Update 1.01…

… and much chatting goodness ensued.

It’s not all blathering roses. The timestamps disappear when you zone, it seems, and have to be toggled off and back on. There may be other minor weirdnesses. HOWEVER….

Chat scrolls! (Cue heavenly light and choirs of angels, that’s how much this means to me.) It scrolls marvellously, reliably, and whenever something happens that should make it scroll. Chat text doesn’t break up over several silly, non-scrolling lines. Or at least, none of those things that bother me beyond all reason happened in the few hours I played this afternoon.

Properly scrolling chat text is win. I’d have Mythic’s babies if I hadn’t already got other ovarian plans.

Also, the whole chat window is somehow more responsive and crisper. Maybe that was just my state of heightened happiness, but I do think they somehow cleaned it up. Lovely job.

Oh yeah, and they made some other changes, I guess. The patch notes are here, as if you hadn’t already found that link on 12 million other blogs. And if you hadn’t seen them yet, what rock are you hiding under? Got a spare room?