Roll for SAN loss… the Fate way!

Oh hell yeah! I am totally doing the THEY-PICKED-ME-THEY-PICKED-ME Snoopy dance, thank you very much.

The ABQ RPG weekly meetup is this evening and I’m thinking of organising TO THE PAIN wrestling matches for extra spots.

And for more awesome tabletop RPG news, the NewMexicon Kickstarter finished above $4000 and we’re going to see Matt McFarland, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, and Kenneth Hite.

That’s a lot of awesome. More on the FoC playtesting as it occurs over the next couple of months. SQUEEEEEEEE!

Thanks to Ursulav for the adorable Cthulhu — two words I never thought I’d juxtapose.

#TSW – I am hype!

RAR! There’s also a new website! You haven’t seen this. I didn’t link it.

There’s a trailer. You can see it here, or you can clicky below. Yes, you’re allowed to see it today without risk of tentacly death. Well – not much risk.

The gameplay, if such it is, looks reasonable (and I really don’t pay much attention to that shiz till I get to try it myself). The character models look great — not elongated or plastic-wrapped like in EQ2, not cartoony, not uncanny-valley that I can tell. I’m actually looking forward to hauling ass into battle in a pair of jeans and sneakers — or a Chanel suit, if that’s what I want to do. But NO FREAKING SHOULDER PADS!!

The voiceovers are zomgwtfbbq hype, but that’s totally okay. I kind of like it when designers seem sincerely enthused by their own product, especially if it’s a product I plan on acquiring. You don’t really want Marvin the designer-android standing there telling you how great his game is when he  patently doesn’t believe a word of it. (Course, the trailer producers should just pick better actors, but I’m going to stop being so cynical now).

I just have one more word for y’all — well okay, two: ZOMBIE T-REX!!!! Pure, unadulterated win.

I am now officially frothing at the mouth again. Hey, #Ragnar — I can haz beta nao?