Rolling stone…

Not the Mick Jagger kind, the Papa was kind. Casualties of WAR, along with most (all?) of the Redemption alliance we’re part of, have moved from Averheim to Badlands.

The transfer announcement yesterday shocked quite a few WAR folks, seeing as Averheim wasn’t exactly tumbleweed city, but apparently Mythic are trying to munge (technical term) some med/med servers into others and thereby create, if not purest green, at least some higher/higher pop servers. It’s a little stressful, especially for the folks who just recently moved to Averheim and now have to move again, but it’ll probably pay off in the long run.

I lost a couple of names, which wasn’t a huge shock. I did find it odd that Amariel was taken, but for all I know it’s a really common name; it popped into my head in Beta when I made my first Archmage, and just stuck. Since I don’t use the same names for every game I play, the only one that would have been a real wrench would have been to find “Ysharros” in use. That’s only happened to me once so far, so non-fame has its benefits.

I’m not going to rant or rave about this. Population balances are hard to call at the best of times, MMO launches are rockier than ever, and I seem to be one of the few people who remembers how we howled for more servers at head-start and then at launch. We got what we asked for, and apparently we shouldn’t have.

Stuff happens. I may have been off my WAR feed lately, but I do want the game to do well. I want every MMO to do well since it’ll broaden the options for games coming down the line, but aside from that I do want WAR to succeed because I think it has a fair bit of long-term potential. The trouble these days seems to be surviving long enough to reach that potential. We’ll see.

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers. Be safe, be nice, be gluttonous. See you on the other side.

More WAR character transfer news

From the WAR Herald:


We are pleased to announce that in the coming days we will be offering Free Character Transfers from our servers with lower populations to a set of servers with higher populations. To help you better prepare for these transfers we have provided additional details below.

Players on select servers will be able to transfer their characters via the Mythic Account Center. When the service is enabled in the coming days, players will see a Character Transfer button below “Activate a Key” and “Validate your Email Address.”

Full details on Character Transfers can be found within this section, and we encourage you to read all of the information very carefully before you make a decision about your transfer, because it is very important. Once you have read the instructions and prepared your character in-game, simply follow the steps to select the character you wish to transfer and your desired destination server.

We are also pleased to announce the Guild Transfer functionality. Instructions on the functionality of this feature and its limitations can also be found on the Character Transfer page. It is strongly recommended you read these instructions closely before proceeding, because they contain very important information. We encourage guild leaders to take their time when preparing to transfer their guild as it cannot be reversed.

The following is a list of Source and Destination servers. Players can move to any available Destination servers based on ruleset. Use this list as a guide to help you and your friends if you intend to move to one of the available Destination servers, but please note that this information is subject to change. We will provide a final list before the transfer service is launched. Be aware that these transfers are one-way and cannot be aborted once started.

North American – Core Servers

Source Servers


Destination Servers

Tower of Doom
Sea of Malice
Sea of Claws
Tor Achere


North American – Role Play Servers

Source Servers


Destination Servers

White Tower
Tor Elyr


Oceanic – Core & Role Play Servers

Source Servers


Destination Servers



As an added bonus and to help you settle into your new home, all destination servers will have a Realm Population Bonus. For a limited time, all players on these servers will receive an additional 20% experience and renown. Please stay tuned to the WAR Herald to find out when you can take advantage of these Free Character Transfers!

This is just one more way we hope to make your time in game even better, Have fun and we’ll see you on the battlefield…WAAAGH!!!

WAR Server Transfer update

Since being on a server with enough population on both sides is sort of a prerequisite for lasting enjoyment of WAR, Mythic at least did the right thing by jumping on the server transfer solution pretty quickly. This is the latest update (original):


Over the last few weeks the team has implementing a transfer system to allow both players and guilds to move between our servers. This technology was not available for WAR at launch and building it has proven to be a little more complex than originally expected. I’m happy to say that starting next week we will begin public testing of the service and if things go well, we will be able to offer it free to our players (for a limited time) either next week or the week after that. I apologize for the delay in making this service available but again, it did take a little longer than we originally expected.

We will be posting details next week about the public test and then the parameters for the free service.

Happily for me, Order-CoW are on a server that seems to be just about right, or did for the first free month; we’ll have to see how things shake down between now and Christmas, and what the churn might be like. I know lots of other folks weren’t so lucky, including our own Destruction branch who had a rough start though no real fault of anyone’s other than maybe the Karma Pixies.

Anyway, transfers — free or otherwise — should hopefully help population numbers and balances. Good.

Server shenanigans

Folks all over the Blogspace, and elsewhere I’m sure, are wondering how the apparently staggered release of servers is going to work in the first week or two of WAR. I could throw in some links, but you could just scroll up and down your RSS-feed entries or, if you’re actually here, click on a random blogroll entry. Chances are you’ll see a post about server choices.

Back in 2004 when KSWN picked Icecrown for WoW, we ended up with just this kind of decision. Icecrown soon became known as Icedown and along with a handful of other servers, suffered all the tribulations everyone else did and then some, just for added buggy fun. We considered moving, but really, once a guild hits a certain size it becomes almost impossible to do without enormous amounts of effort and usually hassle.

Looks like CoW are just going to pick one Core-ruleset server for each side of the guild, Order and Destruction, and we’ll ride out whatever happens. It won’t please everyone but you never can do that anyway, especially not if you want to stay sane and prevent guild management from becoming a second (or third) job.

No, there’s no real point to this post. If you read this far, I’ll give you your money back. I’m just hoping the WAR launch is smoother than the WoW one was — which almost nobody seems to remember for the steaming heap of downtime, lag and ocean deaths it was — and that nobody has to consider a server move with a guild of more than about 5 people.

All you medium and large guilds out there — good luck.