Poll Saturday – 5 September 2015

asuraI didn’t play Guild Wars 2 for more than a few weeks (not for any nefarious reason, just had other games and things to do), but I know a lot of people who do and who have loved it. I also know a lot of ink was spilled this week concerning the raids and whatnot. So now that passions have had a chance to cool a little, here’s a poll, just to see how folks feel.

I tried to balance the possible answers but I have NO pretensions to knowing how to build an unbiased poll. And this is just for kicks – mostly I wonder how the raiders feel about it. My general impression is raiders always love more raids, but since they didn’t exist in GW2, are even the raiders worried about what this might do to the game as a whole, not to mention to the community and the general tone?

Feel free to expand in the comments.

EDIT — Edited to remove the don’t know / don’t care answer which I wasn’t intending to allow in the first place since they don’t bring much to the table. Apologies to the person who got one past me. 🙂   OK fine, I put the Don’t know / don’t care answer back in. I still don’t see what it’ll bring to the discussion, but I am nothing if not pliable when it comes to the whims of my readers.

EDIT2 – The damned poll isn’t behaving. I give up. By all means add 18 ‘other’ answers as you like. /le_sigh

Blaugust Day 22 – Poll Saturday

So I set up this post as a draft yesterday, fully intending to do a fun, exciting, fun, entertaining and FUN poll.

… But in the intervening time I have utterly forgotten what the poll was supposed to be about, and like the typical me that I am I failed to make a note of the proposed subject. Which is me in a nutsh— oh look, shiny!

Yeah. I don’t mind being me, but sometimes I wonder what it’s like to have a brain that doesn’t act like a cocaine-addled squirrel. It must be a lot calmer in there, being able to take a single thought to a logical conclusion. (I’d do another ooo shiny joke but I think I’ve beaten those at least half to death; let’s let the horse recover a bit.)

But Poll Saturday it is (this really needs a better name), so a poll we shall have. Let’s keep this first one simple and deal with an age-old internet and gamer question. There. That should be enough answers to ensure thoroughly useless results.

Ooo and that’s 10 sentences. I’m done here!


Which are you?

Been a long time since I did a poll, and while the results here probably won’t be all that representative (I suspect this blog appeals more to a given type of reader and player than another), I’m interested to know what comes out. I’ll explain in more detail in a day or two… or leave you all guessing forever!!

After the truly ridiculous amount of pr0n spam Akismet has fielded for me in the last 6 weeks I probably shouldn’t even write the word in a post, just in case, but what I want to know is:

Do you consider yourself a hardcore player?

I’m not asking for reasons, explanations, or anything. Just whether, right off the bat, you think you are.

More anon.

Not a free t-shirt (EQ2)

Two posts in one day?! Don’t get used to it.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about doing a crafting how-to for EQ2, mostly aimed at newer players, for the last few weeks. Thing is I know myself, and I’m incapable of being concise even when I’m trying really hard. So I know it’d be a ton of work, and I’m not sure it’d be worth it since there are quite a few very good EQ2 crafting guides already out there.

Like this one — which is more of an OMG Crafter Heaven site than a crafting guide, though it has that too

Or this one — which is part of an all-round indispensable source of EQ2 info. If it’s not in the wiki, it doesn’t exist!

There are far more guides, lists, cheat-sheets and screenshot sites than I could ever list, but I tend to assume that knowing how to use a search engine has become a pretty ubiquitous skill these days, especially among MMO players (it’s not like we’re talking about my technophobic mum here!). The hard part with EQ2 crafting isn’t finding tons of information, it’s finding tons of really basic information that will let you get started.

There’s a crafting tutorial, of course, though how you get to it and at what point in the newbie experience can vary. The tutorial is… well-intentioned, let’s say; I don’t happen to think it’s all that good, but it’s hard to judge that kind of thing when you’re working on your 5th level 80 crafter and have gone round the level 1-10 block about 20 times.

Anyway, I figured I’d leave it up to fickle fate (read: you lot) to decide for me whether I should bother doing a guide, and how in-depth it should be. Besides, don’t we all love polls? They’re almost as good as free t-shirts.

And no, I will not add an I LIKE PIE option. I want this poll to be vaguely meaningful and besides, pie-liking is mandatory. Even for me, and I don’t even like pie all that much.

{YSHARROS exits stage left, pursued by a bear and ravening pie-loving blog readers}