IronWoman LOTRO – It ends here

(Listos version: Blah blah blah DID NOT BLOODY GRIND ANY MOBS ANYWHERE blah blah enjoy questing blah blah blah all things in moderation blah blah.

Some days I wonder why I bother blogging.)

This is where it started, the foolish notion to play an MMO for a week and not do a single (standard) quest.

Then there were updates. One update, ah! ah! ah! And then I updated a second time-ah! Then, after throwing une vache over the battlements, I did some more updating: three and four. Gosh, is that all? It feels like I’ve written Moby Dick meets War and Peace this last week, but I guess it doesn’t really weigh in much over a single Gravity’s Rainbow.

Either way it was a very interesting week, and for the most part a fun one too.

(Wall of text warning!)

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IronWoman LOTRO – a brief update

RL being what it can be, I didn’t get a chance to log in yesterday. The day before, however, a few hours’ play saw Ysharros the Scary Captain go from 10 to 14, all without a single quest. Her first foray into AH selling also went well, and I logged in for my second session to discover I’d made almost 450 silver overnight. It may not be much, but considering she had something like 17 silver in her pocket the night before, it was a fortune!

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IronWoman LOTRO – the story so far

So. You’d think without quests there wouldn’t be much to tell, but yesterday was actually a really fun day. I even remembered to take quite a few screenshots along the way, which I will — in the way of baby and holiday pictures — happily inflict upon the rest of you.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about “playing with no questing” is the general reaction it seems to elicit. Yesterday’s comments were mostly along the lines of “but you won’t level!” Or level slowly, or with a lot of grinding — whatever. The basic idea was that without questing I wouldn’t progress.

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IronWoman LOTRO – And so it begins

Behold! Ysharros, Captain of Dale, on Elendilmir.

She’s a little on the pasty side, like she doesn’t get enough sun. I figured that was accurate enough for in-game personification of self. (Though for what it’s worth I’m not nearly as pale as when we lived in Texas. Here in the New Mexico mountains the sun — albeit bright — is kinder and doesn’t try to strangle you with heat and fumes.)

I’ve taken exactly one quest so far, and that one couldn’t be avoided unless I was willing to be trapped in beginner-instance limbo for the rest of the poor char’s life.

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