TSW: another crumb of info

The Secret World sure is a big seekrit these days, dammit. I’m trying not to drool for info or anything, but … /drool.

Anyway, the Universal Gaming Database (UGDB) just posted an interview with Ragnar Tornquist in which — to be brutal and blunt — not much that’s new is revealed, but it’s a crumb and I’ll take it as such.

I would be in a frothing frenzy about this game if there were enough to froth about; instead, I’m quietly frothing on the inside and waiting for a chance to explode into full, hype-fuelled, fangrrlish insanity. Those beta invites have to go out someday, right?

UGDB also have some screenies I hadn’t seen elsewhere before, like the one below. There is a definite Cthulhu-esque vibe going on in TSW — among all the other occult/freaky/make you lose SAN points squamous monsters just under the surface references, of course. Still, anything that references the Great Old Ones can’t be all bad.

TSW screenies