Hype? What hype?

The Destiny hype went entirely over my head (though apparently I wasn’t the only one), but in the last few days my G+ list has been going bonkers with people enthusing about it. (People have also been enthusing about ArcheAge and I’ve been good and kept my mouth shut. Just because *I* burned out terribly in Alpha and have not-very-kind opinions about the land ownership system doesn’t mean I should bitch and moan about it on a public for– err… )

Anyway, Destiny.

Should I get it?

I don’t know if I’m into shooters much because I’ve never actually played one for any length of time, which would indicate that I probably am not. But the screenshots and comments concerning Destiny are rather enticing, and we do have a PS3. (It is out for PS3, right? Must be. I’m not buying a new console just for one game.)

We have the first three installments of Mass Effect for the PS3 and I’ve never managed to load that up even once. Mort played it a couple of times and then didn’t go back to it, although he said he was having fun at the time.

Maybe we’re just not really console people. Part of my problem is that my eyes aren’t what they used to be, and since I don’t currently have any glasses I can’t see any of the smaller text in the games we play on the console. At least I can lean in to my PC monitor and see what’s being written, which isn’t an option when the sofa is miles away from the TV. (Yes, I have contact lenses. No I don’t wear them much. Long story. Boring.) So perhaps if I could see the reams of lore that Mort was accruing every time he looked at something in Mass Effect, I would have been more sucked in. At any rate it looked as though there was a lot going on and not a lot of it involved shooting people, which is sort of my main gripe against shooters. That and the first-person thing, which I really hate.

So maybe I shouldn’t get Destiny. I’m probably not the target demographic.

#TSW – I am hype!

RAR! There’s also a new website! You haven’t seen this. I didn’t link it.

There’s a trailer. You can see it here, or you can clicky below. Yes, you’re allowed to see it today without risk of tentacly death. Well – not much risk.

The gameplay, if such it is, looks reasonable (and I really don’t pay much attention to that shiz till I get to try it myself). The character models look great — not elongated or plastic-wrapped like in EQ2, not cartoony, not uncanny-valley that I can tell. I’m actually looking forward to hauling ass into battle in a pair of jeans and sneakers — or a Chanel suit, if that’s what I want to do. But NO FREAKING SHOULDER PADS!!

The voiceovers are zomgwtfbbq hype, but that’s totally okay. I kind of like it when designers seem sincerely enthused by their own product, especially if it’s a product I plan on acquiring. You don’t really want Marvin the designer-android standing there telling you how great his game is when he  patently doesn’t believe a word of it. (Course, the trailer producers should just pick better actors, but I’m going to stop being so cynical now).

I just have one more word for y’all — well okay, two: ZOMBIE T-REX!!!! Pure, unadulterated win.

I am now officially frothing at the mouth again. Hey, #Ragnar — I can haz beta nao?

Be careful what you wish for

Ardua has been hot on the trail of any info about The Secret World, including possible interviews and information and whatnot. I could claim that I’ve just been doing what Dragons do best, which is wait in the background while the wannabe-Grail Knights do the actually gumshoeing, but the truth is — well, two-fold. One, so little information has come out that I’ve pretty much forgotten about it, or at least forgotten to keep an eye out for news. And two, there’s only so much teasing a body can take.

Secrecy, I get it – it’s part of the game, it makes good hype, it’s very Lovecraftian and blah and blah and blah. BUT. I don’t want to sit on forums all day every day rehashing the same 2 bits of information as we try to guess what might be coming down the pipe; and the reason I don’t want to do that anymore is that I’ve done it before, notably with Vanguard and more lately with Warhammer, and we all know that the wages of excessive hype is — always, mind you — disappointment.

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dragon2No, hype-machine, no! You shall not have me!

Even your clever Hitchcockian trailers and attractive websites can’t sway me!

… What’s that you say? A test? Oh, I’m a sucker for tests. Can’t be any harm in taking that real quick. Nobody has to know.

A dragon, eh? No big surprise there — fits my chaotic good beeding heart liberal RL personality.

I wasn’t here. You didn’t read this.

Dragon wallpaper 1920 - click through then save as
Dragon wallpaper 1920 - click through then save as