EQ2 Crafting, Part IV: Tips and Tricks

This is likely to be the penultimate installment in the series, with the last article covering harvesting. Previous articles:

Part I — Generalities

Part II — Getting ready to Make Stuff

Part III — The Crafting Process

Today’s article is a catch-all for what I may have forgotten to mention in previous articles, and also for what others mentioned in their comments, many of which were extremely useful. Thanks & blanket credit are due to all those who weighed in. Continue reading

EQ2 Crafting, Part II: Getting Ready to Make Stuff

Let’s see if I can’t keep this from weighing in at over 10lbs of pure wordage.

Part I is here. This part will deal with the actual process of making things in EQ2. (Actually, having hit the 1800-word mark, this part will deal with preparing to make stuff. The actual making part comes next. I’m doing this to save your sanity and mine!) It is aimed very much at the novice, and I doubt seasoned EQ2 crafting vets will get much from it. So don’t even read it; go on, shoo! Oh, okay, you can stay. But be quiet in the back row there.

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EQ2 Crafting, Part I: Generalities

Just about any crafting guide in any game is likely to become longer than the tl;dr crowd can stand, and this one is no exception, even with my skill for brevity and conciseitude (©Stylishcorpse, 2009). I’m therefore going to break this one down into parts, and since I’m adding stuff in as I go along, I’m not sure how many parts it will be. At least two, since I guess a crafting guide really should include information on how to actually craft — especially in EQ2, since it’s not a push-button-and-wait kind of crafting.

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