Cor! It’s DAW!

It took a while, but here I am on the bandwagon, just in time before the week actually ends.

So apparently it’s Developer Appreciation Week — I’d give credit where it’s due but I’m damned if I know where it’s due so we’ll just have to go with good intentions. I would if I could but I don’t so I won’t.*

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My problem with these appreciation hours/days/weeks is that they always make me think “Uhh, shouldn’t we be appreciating pandas/mothers/peace/developers all the time? Isn’t this a little facile? Do I have to go out and buy a Hallmark card just because everyone else does?”

I am not a big buyer of Hallmark cards, cute baby animals notwithstanding.

So here’s the deal: I love my devs whether the calendar or some blog meme tells me to.

  • When I complain about something in a game, I don’t assume the developers — or designers or artists or even Joe the Coffee Monkey — are out to get me or anyone else and did it on purpose and are now maniacally laughing at my in-game discomfiture.
  • I always do assume that developers give at least a little bit of a shit about the game I’m so passionate about, if only because of professional pride.
  • I’m not an industry insider but I know it’s a tough job from the outside where if you get it 100% right nobody will ever bother to thank you, but if you get it 0.0001% wrong, a thousand irate forum goers will rant about it for years.
  • Next time something irks you about a game, don’t instantly tie it to Gorgonzola the Mighty, Combat Developer — even if he posts on the forums saying you’re all noobs and he’s glad he screwed you over. Maybe he had a bad day (if he hadn’t, he’d have left the posting job to SmartNice the Community Person).
  • Next time you like something about a game, consider giving positive feedback for a change. It’s noticed. Positive feedback almost always is, since it’s so damn rare — and not just in game development circles.

Now get outta here before I get all maudlin. I hate appreciation days. Bah humbug.

– – –

* Apparently this is all Scarybooster’s fault. I should have known.