(Explanation of how I’m not a Vanilla Ice fan for you non-Cyberpunkers.)

The inestimable Psychochild wants to know if we like Cyberpunk. We do!

If yes, goto Wintermute’s Processing Core (okay, The Internet Crashed) and check out the site.

Ethic and Ferrel are apparently also involved.

Has everyone known about this but me? This is a possibility. I’ve had my head up my RL arse of late.

Short sentences are the meat and gristle of cyberpunk, by the way.

And if you want to refresh your reading, try some of William Gibson’s newer stuff. I’m a fan for life. Also a good interview by, of all people, Amazon.

Today’s post is brought to you by Links Gone Mad! And the letter C and the number 3.

(With thanks to whoever created the image above.)

PS – What are you reading these days? I just took a look at my current selection and had to congratulate myself on my eclecticism: A. Lincoln (Ronald C. White), The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Steig Larsson), Conspirator (C.J. Cherryh), and 206 Bones (Kathy Reichs).

The first is excellent — I’m no Lincoln expert but I do love a good biography. The second is a crime novel and beyond excellent (but note it’s the third — and last — in a series). The third should need no introduction to most readers here — I’ve been a fan of Cherryh for over 20 years and have probably read just about everything she ever published (including the stuff that’s now out of print). Hell, I even based a tabletop RPG on one of her series. And the last is a series I got into because of the TV show, only to discover that while it’s almost nothing like the show, which has deviated a great deal from the original books, they’re still cracking good stories. Who’da thunk forensics could be so interesting?