Steam – It's a Monster!

The Steam Monster Summer Sale, that is. Go forth and find some games!

steam summer sale 2015

It’s possible my finger slipped and I purchased The Repopulation; I don’t know much about it but I have an old friend very much involved with it and a few other friends have said nice things and hey, new MMO with SWG and UO flavour, TAKE MY MONEY I’M IN!

The spousal unit purchased the entire collection of Heroes of Might & Magic games, which I stopped caring about around number 5 (or 6, whichever one was the amazing disappointment) and got us hooked up on the family dealy so now he’s trying out games I bought on other amazing sales and have *cough* never even tried, like LA Noire.

Meanwhile the SWG honeymoon continues, perhaps fanned by the fact that there’s never enough time to play it. Absence, heart, fonder, etc. I’m logged in a lot, but mostly I’m AFK sampling which doesn’t really count as playing. When I do get to play I have fun — but not in the way I expected. Crafting is entertaining, yes, but there’s very little impetus to get up and running because the server is choking on a surplus of great crafters, largely because everyone can make 10 characters so everyone can have all the crafts. I know, waaahmbulance.

So I’ve been doing combat here and there – initially to pay the bills (which still strikes me as backasswards – I made a fortune as a crafter back in the day), and now because it’s rather fun even though the SWG combat system is probably one of the clunkiest ever. 2003 and all that.

Publish 7 went in the weekend before last and now you can no longer disrespect Imperial soldiers without having to pay for it:

poke a stormieYay! I used to slap at least one stormie a day with my Sword/Doc/Rebel back on Shadowfire, just because.

Oh yeah, and there are working droids now too. And Bio-Engineer got an Image Design makeover by a Rodian hopped-up on Skooma or something because it’s just… weird, now. It’s being tweaked, thank goodness. In the meantime master BEs are producing CL10 non-CH creatures with 9k HAM – which means nothing to anyone not playing SWG and should make SWG-players’ eyes bug out.

That’s it. I’m off to try The Repopulation since SWGEMU-Basilisk just took a nosedive. Ah, post-patch weeks. Gotta love em!



Gimme some beta

Because I’ve never complained of having burned out on beta testing and I’ve never said I wouldn’t jump on hype-wagons anymore. No sirree. Anyway, that was a long time ago and I’m pretty sure the opinion statute of limitations for blogs is about 15 minutes.

So. The Elder Scrolls Online now has a beta application page, here.

If you’ve never played any of the single-player RPG versions, a) you probably won’t care about this and b) have you been living under a rock?! I sank a jillion hours into Skyrim most recently – actually no, I wanted to sink a jillion hours into Skyrim and kept getting stymied by work, but I did play as much as I could for a while and lots of fun it was too. (Apart from the fact that PC players got their bug issues addressed and Xbox players like me just had to suck it up and STFU).

Gamers have been clamoring for a multiplayer online version of TESO for centuries (in blogging years), so here it is. Come be part of the development and help make a kickass game. Or, if it’s going to be an FFXIV-type of bust, at least you’ll know ahead of time.

I appear to have only one problem right now. Clicking the “COMPLETE BETA APPLICATION” button makes it go from blue to brown, but otherwise appears to do nothing at all. I sure hope they haven’t just received 4 5 7 versions of my beta app…

EDIT: Well, I hope you have better luck than me. None of my browsers do anything when I click the apply button. According to one wiki it goes to a confirmation page. Bah humbug.

The Secret World NDA lifted

Yes, I’m behind the times. As some of you already know I lost my dad last week, so even TSW is taking a back seat right now.


As of today, Closed Beta testers are no longer bound by the non-disclosure agreement. This means that testers may now speak freely about their experiences in the current and future versions of the Closed Beta. Sharing of screenshots and gameplay videos of the current and future versions of the Closed Beta is also allowed.

I’m not in the mood for a long review, but I will say:

– I preordered

– I’m enjoying it, despite far less time to play than I would have liked, RL issues, and hardware issues

– I was even considering going for the lifetime sub but Green Armadillo (one of my blogosphere’s resident cynics and smartypants) reminded me that games are going Free to play faster than you can say “vanishing player-base” these days, so I’m still thinking about that one. Still… part of me wants to do it, not just because you get some fun goodies but also because I’d like to show support for Funcom and for this game in particular.

– I think the game is boss. Not everyone will. In my case however I suspect it will entertain me for quite a while.

– A somewhat more thorough Impressions post may follow, or not, depending on how RL stuff goes. We’re not allowed to talk about previous versions  and I haven’t yet experienced the post-NDA beta, so it also depends on whether I get a chance to play in the post-NDA world before launch.

Better (secretly) late than never

So this is one of those usual conundrums.

I have a couple of  one buddy key for a beta I’m not allowed to say I’m in. Closed beta keys that is, not open beta keys which would be silly.

Edit – Keys both gone!

If you know which one and you’re interested, leave a comment. Or you could just wait and catch the launch which isn’t that far away.

Another caveat: you’re looking at a multi gigabyte download (probably something like 14-18), so it would be useful if you had a much faster internet connection than we do. With our truly pooey DSL (and no, we can’t get better here in the boonies) it took me the better part of 4 days to download.

You Have Been Warned.

Short, not sweet

Supposed to refer to this post, but I guess it could refer to me too. I slay me.

1. Hot summer is hot. Where can I find a place that’s 70 degrees (20C) all year round?

On the bright side, it’s so dry here in New Mexico that hot here isn’t nearly as hot as, er, hot in humid places. I should probably work on that sentence a bit more.

2. Bad health sucks. It insinuates tendrils in all parts of your life and makes just about everything more difficult.

I’m not whining (much), just observing. My sympathies to anyone else who’s going through chronic health issues.

3. Work is harder when you’re sick.

Especially if you have a lot of it and feel sick most of the time. Oh, woe is me.

4. Only a month to go to TSW launch if it’s on time. /Snoopydance

I really really want to say more but I can’t so I won’t. I swear, work and health be damned, I’m taking a week off right around July 3rd.


I didn't say nuthin'


I’m in I’m in I’m in I’m in I’m in!!!


I can’t say more. It’s a SECRET.

Oh yeah, and for the “oh the irony!” factor, our internet has been up and down like a tart’s knickers for the last 2 days. More off than on. It’s a local issue apparently. They should have it resolved within 48 hours.

48 hours?!? I’m leaving in a couple days! Damn you, ISP + irony!

TSW – Creepy Friday goodness

There’s a video out. I squeee’d, though it was too short (the video that is). The bits that look like in-game footage are looking better and better. Nice textures, good atmosphere, great shadows. Am I going to have to buy a new computer for this?

Yeah, I’m officially hyped. Fangirlism can’t be far behind.

The problem is, I’m really not good with stuff leaping out at me, Anthony-Hopkins-like, from the shadows. I can already see myself in my darkened office, screen flickering, headphones blasting, suddenly jumping 3 feet off my chair and AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHing like a foghorn when something leaps out of the shadows. Because there will be shadow-leapage right from the start; players will more or less learn the ropes in these Solomon Island locations they’re revealing, and there are more shadows there than you can shake a stick at. If you had a stick. Which you probably don’t, because you’re a noob and haven’t figured out how to pick one up yet.

Shadow-leapage and weird patchwork/undead/semi-animal/squamous monsters. Undead and demons and crows, oh my!

This should be fun. I can has beta spot please?

The Secret World – E3 snippets

In case you’ve got your head stuck down a gopher hole (what? my Husky does it all the time)  or just happen to be as bad as I am at keeping up with news. These days I neither read my RSS feeds (sorry all) nor much of anything else game-related… Except for #TSW stuff. E3 is on right now, however, and info is flowing out as though from a busted hydrant so that even I have to work at missing it.

TSW: New location revealed – Innsmouth Academy. There’s a shadow over that place, I tell ya.

From yesterday: Atlantic Island Park. Oh, just go poke about the website already, it’s really starting to flesh out.

A beta spot! a beta spot! my kingdom* for a beta spot!

*or at least something very nice, like a toaster or a spatula.

TSW Video – I may have Squeee'd myself a bit

Quick scuttle out from under my RL-rock to post this link.

New video – The Secret World Developer Diary: Story and Missions

There’s nothing terribly earth-shattering in the video, but the interface elements we get to see actually look pretty cool and the gameplay looks rather nice too.

Oh actually there was one thing: at one point we’re told that players may have to solve puzzles by searching outside the game world, as in, by using their Google-fu (I’m guessing). My first reaction was “Wait, whoa, hold on a second pardner!” but considering the game’s pseudo-real world setting, my second thought was “Hey, that’s kinda cool!” Plus, my Google-fu can kick your Google-fu’s ass any day of the week.

I’m getting so hyped up it’s not funny; the last time I can remember being this adolescently (yes, it’s an adverb) excited about a game was 2008 and WAR. Okay, so that didn’t go so well for me (though others are still enjoying it and good for them *cough* Werit *cough*), but the thing about riding the hype wave is that hope springs eternal.

I’m surfing this hype-wave to launch and beyond, baby! (And don’t you dare quote me back at myself. I’m afraid I’ve had one of my trademark changes of heart.)

There’s a beta going on somewhere and I *will* find my way into it. Can anyone lend me a tenner for a bribe?