Campaign: Ghost in the Machine

This is a d6 Space campaign that I’m GMing over on Roll20, which is a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platform that harnesses the awesome power of the intertubes to let you play with people who aren’t in the same room as you. (I was snobbish about that to begin with. Now I think it’s awesome. It has pros and cons compared to actual tabletop play that I won’t get into here, but generally it’s pretty good and certainly a damn sight better than not playing because you’re a hermitic misanthrope who lives in the arse end of nowhere and doesn’t want to play with strangers at her local game store.)

Once I figure out how to do it and let the players have access to add stuff to these pages, we’ll… add stuff to these pages. The campaign has been going for about a dozen sessions now and the background is 100% homebrew, though influenced by a number of existing settings (mostly novels).

We use a lot of house rules and are roll-light, mainly because I have been a lazy arse and haven’t familiarised myself with the rules as much as I should have and partly because I think rolls don’t need to happen unless there’s a good reason for them.