Foofery Sunday, March 22, 2009

Given the absolute groundswell of interest in the haiku Sunday thing (heee!), I think it’s time to a) look for another Sunday theme and b) have a blogroll foofery day, because it’s been a while.

Blogroll Foofery: where Ysharros attempts to update her blogroll and RSS reader so that they more or less contain the same items, and where anyone who has been missed off the blogroll should speak up so that this gross negligence may be remedied.

Anyone out there (the 4 of you who read blogs on a Sunday 😉 ) have any suggestions for a Sunday theme? I’ll admit I’m inspiration-light today.

Here’s a (not really) random pic to pad out a small post.


February Foofery

Prequel: well holy crap, “foofery” is an actual word. And here I thought I’d get a neologist’s badge. Bah!

Foofery – Noun
1. a frivolous activity, often of a goofy, silly, and/or foppish manner. Similar to folly.*
2. a semi-serious attempt by one blogger to keep her blogroll (and other things) up to date.

1. This is a very interesting article about MMO Community Enhancement. Go read it. Then read some of the stuff it links to.  I think Tobold pointed me at this in a recent post, but unlike Tobold, I agree with almost all the suggestions in there, caveat being (as the article in fact states) that not all solutions are appropriate for all games or all communities. At base, I agree with the fact that community and chat tools remain woefully inadequate in this game of find-me-anywhere portable electrofoolery.

2. Hear ye, oh new Citizens of Blogland! If your blog template doesn’t yet have an RSS feed link (and most should), or if it’s not very prominent, please add it or make it so! RSS = Really Simple Syndication, and it’s how most of the blog addicts serious readers get their daily fix. In normal-speak as opposed to geek-speak, the little magic genies watch for blog post updates and funnel them into a client which shows said updates without requiring a specific visit to a specific blog to check if there’s anything new. (Yes, you’ll still get page hits.) Clients — or “readers” or “aggregators” — include Google Reader, which I can heartily recommend as simple enough for ME to figure out in minutes, especially for those who already have a Google account.** (As an aside, if a page you want to get a feed for doesn’t have an RSS link and you’re using Google, just copy the main page’s URL into the handy-dandy box provided and hey presto! new feed.)


Hat of ... Snobbery
Hat of ... Snobbery

3. I had a third item, but RL-phone aggro just drove it right out of my head (not a difficult feat even without telephonic interruptions). Oh, duh! The foofery itself. If I’m on your blogroll — for which, thanks! — and you’re not on mine, let me know. I’ll put on my Hat of Supreme Taste and Snobbery and decide if you’re worthy. Actually, if you can string two words together coherently and post more than twice a year, you’ll probably make it. My supreme taste and snobbery is very inclusive.

Unnecessary epilogue: what’s with Firefox suddenly thinking I want to save image files (ya know, PICTURES) as html files? Apparently it’s not Firefox’s fault — oh yeah? Then why does http://blahblahblah.jpg try to save as “url.htm”? Someone’s being stupid, and for once it’s not me. Fix! AT ONCE! (I know, I could just use Chrome, but Chrome is a himbo. Firefox is my Heathcliff — heavy and prone to fits of rage, but rugged and handsome.)

(And if you really want to know — or see me torture a helpless metaphor a little more — that makes IE the really creepy guy who lives in your building that you can’t get away from; he pretends to be helpful but what he’s really doing is drilling little holes in the wall of your bathroom so he can watch you in the shower. Or an ex- who does the same. Your baggage, your choice.)

* The grammatical error isn’t mine: “of a goofy […] manner” indeed.
** And if you don’t, I have about a zillion gmail invites left. Just let me know who to send one to.

More foofery

Nothing very meaty today, sorry — yesterday’s screaming migraine is still trying to come back and I’ve got no head-space for much of anything.

Finally got around to reorganising the blogroll properly, having taken a mere 6 months to realise that I could use categories other than “Blogroll” to subdivide the various blogs here. Duh!

So, if you’re on there but feel you’re in the wrong category, or if you’re not on there and think you should be, the usual — comment or mail me, ysharros -at- gmail dot com. Welcome to the various new (mostly Age of Blogging-inspired WAR blogs) entries, and sniffly goodbyes to the few that I dropped for lack of activity. There are a couple of technically-defunct blogs still on there because they were fine, fine blogs — I’ll remove them someday. Maybe.

Blogroll admin foofery

That’s a technical term.

If you’ve got me on your blogroll and I haven’t returned the favour, chances are you’re on my reader feed and I just forgot to do the blogroll thing. So, as usual, if you’re not on da list and you should be, let me know. Comment below or mail me at ysharros at gmail dot com.

Tomorrow is another blogging day

I’d meant to write more guild-related stuff today, but the day started pretty much at 60 mph and hasn’t really slowed down since. I had a brief period of respite which — foolish me! — I used to check for new Google reader entries. Which was when I came across Syp’s first Age of WAR Blogging shoutout post, which meant I then spent the next precious 45 minutes quickly checking out some of these newcomers (welcome all, if any of you read this) and then, inevitably, cleaning up my reader feeds. I’ve now got around 70 feeds instead of the almost-100 I had before, and all I did was prune the ones that hadn’t been updated in over a month, or where people had officially stopped writing and I’d just forgotten to unsub.

I’ll clean up the blogroll here a bit at some point, too. But not now. Now I have to go back to doing what I should have been doing for the last hour, namely: working. It’s tough to skive off when you’re working for your mother, I tell ya. She can pin me with her gimlet gaze from way over there across the Atlantic. (On the other hand, if you tell her you’re sick she’s more likely to tell you to eat soup and stay warm than to threaten to fire you.)

It’s remotely possible I’ll do a proper post later, but looking at my posting stats (and just knowing myself), I much prefer writing in the mornings. That wasn’t the case in my night-owl days, but I think doing Morning Pages for a few years ended up sticking with me, even if I don’t actually do those right now. (Yes, yes, I should.)

Blogroll update

Adding a few names to the already ridiculously-long blogroll. Am starting to wonder if I should give the bloody thing a page of its own, and thus be able to go back to one of the nicer 2-column layouts. Anyway:

Wizards & Wenches: WAR. DoK, WP. Smite n slice; what’s not to like?

Warhammer Geek: maybe not 100% blog, but very good all the same.

Word of Shadow: critical, in a good way.

Killed in a Smiling Accident: smart, funny and sharp. And a great name, too.

I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch. If you have a blog or know a blog and you’re great and you should be on the blogroll here, lemme know. Thanks to those who have linked me, I feel all warm and fuzzy and linked.

Tomorrow will be WAR Haiku Day here at the Corpse. Start poetising.

Edit — here’s another. Classy Gamer. Haven’t read much of it yet but the theme is purdy! I’m not shallow!

October 20 — another edit, another addition. Meant to add this blog last time and… forgot. Typical me, typical me. Archmagery. Go read it!

And another one! The Devoted Enquirer. Link love!

Blogroll and pot roast

On the off-chance you read this and on the even slimmer off-chance I haven’t already got you on my blogroll, throw a comment down here and I’ll do the necessary. And add you to my reader feed, which is much more important.

In other news, I am making pot roast. 4 hours of cooking to go and I am resisting throwing my face into it NOW. Especially since it would probably melt my face rather than satisfy my hunger.

That is all.


Yikes. It’s going to take forever to add all these blogs to the roll! On the other hand, it’ll give you, dear Reader, something much more fleshed out and interesting to navigate to from here. After all, these are the people who are building the pool I’m dipping my toe into, or some such tortured metaphor.

Meantime, if you should stumble here and you’re on the CoW blogroll and not on this one, panic not. I’m just being lazy about adding them. More to the point, I end up spending 20+ minutes reading each of them, which is chewing up great chunks of my morning that I could be spending beta-testing. Aren’t you ashamed of being so readable?