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My subscribers:


Okay, I totally lied — those are the eminent and very deserving Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s google reader stats. Now, I’m not actually very fussed about readership numbers (just as well, and just as well I have a day job!), but those numbers make me go “wow” all the same. That’s a damn sight more readers than some paper-papers get these days, and probably more than most of the gaming mags I used to buy back in the day. Do those even still exist in paper form? (Rhetorical question!)

Course, it’s probably also a damn sight more work than I’d ever be prepared to put into a blog. 😉

This mostly as an RPS plug — I don’t read every last post they put up, but the stuff that interests me is consistently excellently-written and entertaining. Check it out if you haven’t already.

In other news, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so those of you stuck at work can ARRRRR! your boss with maybe a slightly lower chance of walking the career plank. Pirates beat ninjas any day of my week. Hrm… I feel a poll coming on.

In other other news, I’m up to 137 feeds in my reader. I keep thinking I should prune out some of the older and probably defunct entries, but I can’t quite bring myself to do it and it’s not like I’m being charged by the feedage pound. In any case, Syp, it’s only a few Syp people who post Syp like the hoes of Babylon, Syp, and make the rest of us slackers look bad. Not that I’d name names.

I once caught a reader THIS big!
I once caught a reader THIS big!

Foof ‘er? I hardly knew ‘er!

You know how this works: if you’ve linked to me (thanks!) and I’ve not linked to you, let me know here and I’ll remedy the situation. Unless you’re a post-stealing, shady pretend-blogging site in which case you can bite me, or maybe I’ll bite you. And if you’re a Russian spammy dodgy watch-selling site, same deal. Though for all I know they’re perfectly legit; my Cyrillic is a little rusty. Riiiight.

And oooh, the noive! The foofery google image title has been usurped! This shall not go unfought! Meanwhile, the usurper can have a free link and wonder what the hell this strange site is that’s linking to him. Go internet freedom! (Good blog/site name too.)

This means it’s time for a foofery picture. Hrm… I know! I’ll steal Arbitrary’s schtick and find a cute baby animal! (Cute baby animal… tautology?)


EDIT – Here’s a new one: Caladwen’s Gaming Blog – say, r u a girl irl? (Prompted by Rivs’s Project Gender Bender, which he needs to update! stat!)

EDIT2 — and another, Bootae’s Bloody Blog, which confuses me because I’m sure I had that one already. Sorry Boots – maybe I got frisky with the delete links button one day and didn’t realise the havoc I was wreaking. (And btw, you Americans and your kerniggits, it’s WROUGHT!! not WREAKED!! I don’t care what the dictionaries say, and I don’t care that it’s perfectly acceptable modern usage. Bah humbug. Bring back gaslight, floggings, and excessive use of whalebone. Tally ho!)

EDIT3 — I know I added this site months ago. Okay, apparently I didn’t… Today is “show Ysharros how senile she’s getting” day. /headdesk. Anyway, ya, here: Portraits of WAR. Good art n stuff!

Not just me

What were we all thinking a year ago, to start blogs like this?

I blame Warhammer Online and I blame Casualties of War, the guild, not necessarily in that order. CoW has a large proportion of bloggers, was started by bloggers, and showed us such a glitzy, ritzy lifestyle that most of us couldn’t wait to start being bloggers ourselves!

Okay, so maybe I’m lying about the glitzy ritzy lifestyle. That or someone’s lying to me and I haven’t received my pass to the Ultra Special People’s Lounge yet. (That sounds oddly Communist. I’m not going if I have to share my coffee!)

Well anyway, another blogbuddy celebrated his first year yesterday and since he does want the glitzy ritzy fame and fortune, he gets a link too. Happy Blogday, Harbinger Zero!

I bet there are more of us out there, too. (If you’re one of them, let me know!) This time last year the Warhammer Online beta was ramping up, people were jumping up and down and foaming at the mouth with hype, hope and antici………………… pation, and what would be one of the best meta-game communities ever was already shaping up nicely despite the fact that most of us weren’t even playing (ahem, testing) the game yet.

Warhammer Online may not have been my cup of MMO Joe (I just don’t have that much PvP in me), and it may have some fairly serious flaws, but it’s a great attempt at a great game made by some seriously creative and dedicated people who clearly give a rat’s ass (one of 10) about their community, and who encourage said community to grow and thrive. I wish more games companies were as proactive about that kind of thing.

I want MMOs in general to do well, because the more of them we have, the easier it will be to challenge the 800-lb gorilla design and revenue model, but Warhammer has a special place in my heart for all the things it did right and despite all the things it could have done better.

Happy birthday bloggers, and happy almost-soon-release-delay-headstart Warhammer Online.


Cry Foofery and let slip the URLs of war

That’s little-war, not WARhammer war, by the way, and it’s that time again.

Every now and again I stumble across a blog that has very kindly linked to me, and I’d never have known if I weren’t occasionally nosy about where my daily traffic comes from. I’m sure there’s a doohickey that’ll tell me all about incoming links — in fact, I used to get mailed one every day but it seemed to love linking all the “possibly related but not really but there you go, I’m a bot and I picked YOUR post to link to this one about penguins in angora jumpers” without ever actually telling me about the real, useful, OMG-I’m-on-someone’s-blogroll! links. So, yeah, that got unsubbed.

I’m equally sure I could use clever tools and smarter doohickeys (codenamed Moohickeys from now on) to tell me that kind of stuff, but ultimately I like my foofery posts and I’ve decided to ignore the fact that I didn’t make the word up. I didn’t know it existed before I used it — maybe it’s not too late to trademark it, since I missed the boat on Cataclysm.

Where was I? A point? Oh, yes — the usual. If you’re reading this and I’m on your blogroll or whatever and haven’t reciprocated, it’s not because I’m a Heather, it’s because I’m oblivious. Comment and let me know, and I’ll fix it. Sadly, since I can’t find a decent foofery-illustrating picture (see more on which below), you’ll have to make do with Eddie Izzard tasting like chicken instead. Or maybe that’s his James Mason. Either way.


Not that I think everyone I link to has to link me back and vice-versa, but in most cases of equal net-mass and fame let alone similar subject matter and interests and, oh hey, readers, it’s just a nice thing to do. It’s also entirely possible I’m missing some subtle nuance about the game of relative internet popularity; I wouldn’t know, being the aforementioned Oblivious. (And this is where  I once again hold my tongue about the few folks who, I guess, were good enough to be linked to by me but too good to link back — and no, I’m not taking Bartle-level fame here. And no, they’re not on my blogroll anymore either. So — and I say this as maturely as I can — neeeerh.)

PS — hah! I may not have made the word up, but I damn near OWN it, oh yeah! Google image “foofery” and that’s MY marmot and MY bat-country cats; as in, the images I stole from someone else and used as my own, but this is the internets, everyone does it. Fame, fame at last! Someone peel me a grape*! (Note Tesh’s almost-as-stellar fame there too, by the way. I’m generous like that.)


* for the older-movie reference challenged
** Yes, it is entirely possible that dealing with Vista in the last three days (my first exposure) may have driven me slightly insane.

Blogroll Foofery – April 18, 2009

Yep, it’s that time again.

1. I noticed I was on several people’s blogrolls, people whose posts and sites I enjoy, and yet they weren’t on mine. This has been fixed. If you’re still out in the blogroll cold, let me know. It’s not an ego thing, but I do like to reciprocate. There was a time when I was better informed of incoming links, but lately I seem to miss them all, and instead all the “incoming links” info I get relates to me appearing in related posts or something — pretty useless.

2. I still haven’t synched up my blogroll and my RSS feed (which leads to a lot of 1. above — those sites are all in my feed, so I forget that they’re not linked on my site for the benefit of the occasional clicky visitor).

3. There is no three, but Antioch demands one anyway.

4. There is no four!

That is all. In honour of the upcoming movie, live long and prosper.

Le Plug

Because it’s a slow day, in the sense that I have more to do than time in which to do it, and thus blogging has slipped way down my list (below getting something to eat, which won’t happen for a while either /tummy rumble).

And because this is intriguing, and because I’m sure there are plenty of you blogginators and proto-blogginators out there who have thought it would be nice to make the odd few bucks while doing — or writing about — something we love and are passionate about.

Go check it out! Spearhead wants WAR (and post-WAR, if not (too) bitter and twisted) bloggers for something we don’t know what it is and if he told us, he’d have to kill us.

How can you resist? It’s like Calvin’s transmogrifier!


And finally, because a little Calvin and Hobbes on a bad day (or even a good one) is bound to make it that little bit better.

Hey you! Yes, YOU! I need my doors enlarged…

momdadmyagentWhich will teach my ego to get a little shaky after a couple days of meme-age and no shout-outs. You know what’s even worse? I don’t care about that kind of thing… or rather don’t want to, and am usually quite happy pretending I don’t. Rationally, in fact, I don’t. But the Heather in my subconscious just needs to be let out now and then. Suddenly I feel like Frasier: well aware of how I should be, and how I rationally am… and suddenly uncomfortably confronted with how normal, attention-seeking, and limelight-loving I can be. So now, let’s talk about ME.

The Honest Scrap Awards

This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant. honest_scrap1

Where I get to go on about how marvellous I am, prompted by other quite marvellous people whose names I simply can’t remember right now, darling. I have people for that. What? I have to NAME them? I thought this was about me? Well, all right then.

Rule the First: Graciously acknowledge your undeniable greatness, by being kind enough to mention those who mentioned you.

The following people are to be commended for having truly discerning and in all ways excellent taste in blogs. I haven’t paid them a penny (and you’ll never prove otherwise). The strange Scandinavian lovely Copra, the strangely hippyish I bet he’s stoned all the time Pete of Dragonchasers, the completely incoherent and rather odd mysterious and dashing Ardua, the is probably a vampire with bad taste in soda complex and convoluted Sara from SOAGC, and last but certainly not least, the brilliant, insipid inspired, role-stealing, Oscar-snatching and much more dedicated to her writing than me Jen of GirlIRL. (Belated edit so I don’t get sued: and the smelly, snot coloured wonderful, eco-friendly Book of Grudges!) I love you all, truly. Mwah, mwah – let’s do lunch! Eh? I have to name MORE people? What is this, the yellow pages? When do I get to talk about how brilliant I am? Sigh.

{The name-checking is starting to go in some pretty tight circles. I’m going to try to cast the net a little wider, though I haven’t looked to see if people have been previously named or not. To all those I read regularly, you know who you are and if I don’t name you, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s because you’ve already been named… or because I’m a forgetful old bag.}

Ye Official Sovnding Rvle Nvmber II: Chooseth 7 blogs (not 6, but 8 or more shall be acceptable, though 12 is right out) and be ye as nice to them as others have been unto you.

Anyway Games — a blog I am not always unlazy enough to comment on (mostly because I have it in for Blogger’s weird commenting windows), but which I am NEVER too lazy to read. Much clearer than my own thought-processes, and therefore a welcome change.

Esri’s Blog — doesn’t matter if it’s the Gaming Granny or the White Lion, or even the cap-popping Yo Momma of Death (yes, I have advance information on the name of her next blog), I love it. Not-quite-that-young-and-representing women bloggers. Go us! And oh my, I STILL haven’t changed the URL in my link? Fixed.

MMOment of Zen — more general bloggy goodness. Consider yourself exposed! (In a good way. I think.) Like the rest of us, Lars doesn’t have as much time to play as he’d like, yet like the rest of us, he cares enough about MMOs to see how we could improve them.

Oakstout — and not ONLY because the blog’s tagline makes the Engligh-English speaker in me want to giggle uncontrollably. You American English speakers may not get it; suffice to say it’s rude and giggle-worthy. Don’t change it, Oak! In any case, he also happens to write some fun blog entries — no matter how good the tossing, that helps too.

The Battered Shield — KHAAAAAN! (Yes, I had to say that.) Need I say more? If I didn’t like the blog, it wouldn’t be on this list or, for that matter, on my blogroll. And he’s been going for aaaaages; well, compared to me anyway.

Tish Tosh Tesh — one of those blogs that makes me feel less fabulous and scrumptiously clever than I really am. Damn your cleverness! It’s not the only one, but it’s the one I’ll pick on this week. One of those bloggers who, unlike me, actually has some clue what he’s on about.

Word of Shadow — by a nerd (self-admitted!), for nerds, which means you should all gallop over there and take a read. Denial is a river in Egypt you know!

There are a metric butt-ton more I’d like to mention, but seven is a nice magic number. Many of the bloggers in this meme thing have frabjously long blogrolls; take a click tour someday, it’s well worth it, or just go nuts adding people to your RSS reader. Works fer me.

Regel Nummer Drei: Because 10 Facts About Me Will Sound More Fact-Like When Given in Pseudo-German

1. I speak 3 languages, the fortunate mix of which (English/French/German) allows me to at least make out the basics of quite a few more.
2. As a kid, I was convinced Maleficent (of Sleeping Beauty) was hiding in the corner of my room every night. She was so cunning, nobody but me could see her. She still scares me.
3. My anxiety dreams usually revolve around airplanes (often but not always me staring in horror as someone says “Well, you’re going to have to fly this thing now”).
4. I have a quite ridiculous, and worsening, fear of heights. Even games with cliffs can make me want to give up my lunch. EVE is a giant ball of space-sick fun. 
5. I’ve spent the last 10 years in total fiction-writing blockage. On the upside, I get to flagellate myself daily for it.
6. I detest aniseed, or anything that tastes of it. Yucketty-yuck.
7. I could give up breathing more easily than coffee.
8. One of my more distant French relatives was a famous actress in her time. 
9. Reading doesn’t scare me; visuals, on the other hand, stay with me forever and send me huddling behind the sofa.
10. I would kill (or at least maim really badly) for a pony; well, a horse, now that I’m all growed up (and out).

The Real Reality Stuff: or, The Rules

If you’ve been tagged and you fancy taking part (no obligation, this is supposed to be fun), take heed:

  1. When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real.
  2. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
  3. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

– _ – _ – _ – _ –

I trust all the people I badmouthed slightly misrepresented in my quest for Internet Glory know I didn’t mean a word of it. And if you think I did, I have lawyers standing by!

Ye Olde Pluggage

Yes, pluggage that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m participating in both (at least, hopefully!).

Bright Hub – especially, of course, the MMO section. Muckbeast is responsible for that section, and I know many people who visit here also read his very interesting stuff.  My only quibble with the site right now is that it’s very slow to load for me (okay, and I am insanely impatient with pages that don’t load in under 0.0002 seconds), but I get the impression the hamsters are paddling madly to fix that.

Grinding to Valhalla – who blogs, why we blog, what we’re like under the Internet disguise, and who among us talks WAY too much. (No, you don’t win a toaster for getting that one right.)

As regards the latter, note that the “investigation” and invitation to bare your soul seems to be open to bloggers in general, though you may want to drop the author a line just to check — but the “About” page seems pretty open.

See, read, participate!

EDIT – in other news, my feed reader just hit 115 entries. How heavy is yours? And, do you know something that will sycnh my blogroll and my reader while I have Beulah peel me a grape?