Last update: May 2016

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RL stuff

Yes, genuine female player. We do exist. I mention this only because I am apparently the only person in the entire universe who sees my handle “Ysharros” as clearly feminine. Everyone else thinks I’m a guy. I have an excessive adoration for cheese, though I try not to let it colour my blogging. I also write in English and not American, as my use of Us in weird places indicates, even though I live in the States now.

I don’t usually get to play as much as I’d like — damn this age and responsibility and bill paying thing — but I still have opinions whether I have an active game sub or not, and I’m going to share em. For your sins.

Gaming history

If it moves I’ve played it. I started with D&D back in the *cough* 80s sometime, moved on to AD&D for a long time and eventually Ars Magica for almost a decade. Good times. Forays of various lengths into the various White Wolf systems, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, Champions, GURPS… I’m sure I’m forgetting a few. I wrote and played in a few freeforms too (think LARP with more politics and less rubber-weapon bashing). Fun times.

MMO-wise, I started with Asheron’s Call and, again, have played most of the major non-Asian MMOs out there. Yes, I played EverQuest but AC was my first love; don’t hate me for it. I’ve beta tested a lot more games than is fair (according to the spousal unit, who gets maybe one tenth the invites I do), which I attribute to being female of a certain age with a usually halfway decent yet nothing special computer — tell me that’s not a demographic MMO companies have been looking at in the last few years. That or I’m really, really interesting on my beta apps. Right. Back when beta testing actually meant anything, these sentences sort of meant something. Now they’re just obsolete.

2016 — now I’m less into MMOs and back into tabletop RPGs. In the space of 6 weeks in late 2015 I went from dreaming of playing again to playing in one tabletop group in Albuquerque and running two groups on Roll20, a virtual tabletop platform. One group died from scheduling incompatibilities, but since those were my old UK college gaming friends and I literally know where they live, I’m sure we’ll rise to play another day.

Player type?

For now, all you need to know is that I’m not hardcore, not a PvPer (but quite possibly an RvRer), probably indubitably a carebear, and far more interested in exploring and social stuff than I am in DKP, items, or phat lewt. Unless it’s housing deco, which makes me turn into an acquisition crazed maniac.

My handle most places is Ysharros. It’s the name of a character I wrote a decade (2016) two decades ago for an Ars Magica freeform, and it’s unlikely to get copied much. I say “EE-sharr-oss” but you can say “tom-AY-to” if you want. It’s all good.

email: stylishcorpse _a-t_ gmail *dot- com