Roll for SAN loss… the Fate way!

Oh hell yeah! I am totally doing the THEY-PICKED-ME-THEY-PICKED-ME Snoopy dance, thank you very much.

The ABQ RPG weekly meetup is this evening and I’m thinking of organising TO THE PAIN wrestling matches for extra spots.

And for more awesome tabletop RPG news, the NewMexicon Kickstarter finished above $4000 and we’re going to see Matt McFarland, Michelle Lyons-McFarland, and Kenneth Hite.

That’s a lot of awesome. More on the FoC playtesting as it occurs over the next couple of months. SQUEEEEEEEE!

Thanks to Ursulav for the adorable Cthulhu — two words I never thought I’d juxtapose.

3 thoughts on “Roll for SAN loss… the Fate way!

    1. It’s Call of Cthulhu with Fate rules. Basically one gigantic insane sandwich of amazeballs.

      Does that sound weird? That sounds weird.

      1. More on point — it’s a playtest for the rules for a tabletop RPG. I applied, I got in, I am ecstatic. 😀 (YOU know this but it occurred to me that some of my MMO type readers might not…)

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