IntPiPoMo – Pets and places

I’m not much of one to be photographed, and I don’t much care about photographing other people, however horrible and antisocial that may sound. But landscapes, the weather, my pets and other animals… those I do like to take pictures of. Here are a few of the ones I found when going through the 2013 folders. Note that I am an enthusiastic but entirely unskilled photographer.

You know, I could make a killer slide set from those, invite some friends over, and drive them all insane by forcing them to watch 3,000 slides that nobody but me gives a shit about.

In the meantime, here’s a half-dozen or so. That’s only worth 1d4 SAN points. Click for much larger versions.

None of the images are processed (I wouldn’t know how).

1 & 2: We live on the eastern slopes of the Sandia mountains near Albuquerque, and they’re different from moment to moment 365 days a year. Our sunsets are really short but they make up for it by being quite frequently incandescent. I keep trying to capture the colours but don’t usually succeed.

Sunset over the Sandias


3. Only one snow picture. I’m being restrained, because it occurs to me that not everyone finds cold wet white stuff as fascinating as I do.


4-9 : My dogs and assorted other animals. Neva, the husky, gives the one of the best head-tilts I’ve ever seen on a dog. The birds are just cute, and hard to capture (for me, anyway).

Wait, what?
Wait, what?
Basenji in the snow
Basenji in the snow




And finally, 10: A picture of my grandad’s house. No, seriously, it’s a picture of Chambord Castle in the Loire valley, which is only a few miles from where my grandad used to live. I am not allowed to bring people to that area without a) making them visit lots of local markets, sample lots of cheese and sample even more wine and b) making them visit this particular castle among the gajillons that line the various rivers of the region. The castle itself is some medieval e-peen thing where the French king Francis I was trying to prove that he had a bigger one than everyone else.



7 thoughts on “IntPiPoMo – Pets and places

  1. Love the snow picture. Doesn’t have the kitsch that a lot of snow pictures have. And those trees look funny with that snow on top of them – at first I thought it was a photo of a model!

  2. Neva has the best face! The birds are so pretty. The snow….agh why would there be SNOW down in the warm southwest? Let me know when you’re doing those cheese and wine tours again.

  3. Surprised you didn’t have any hot air balloon pics. Don’t remember if I mentioned it to you but I used to live in Rio Rancho for a few years for highschool. Really lovely area.

    1. Wow no, you didn’t! Cool!
      I don’t have balloon pix because we mostly miss it every year. 😛 Since we live in the East Mountains, we don’t actually get to passively see them — and the two years we made it for the dawn takeoff, there *was* no dawn flight, lol (too much wind).

      But yes, the balloon fiasco- err, fiesta is fun.

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