Announcing… Scotchtober!

I’ll start right off by apologising to those who are reading this who are or have been struggling with an alcohol addiction. I’m not trying to be disrespectful. If alcohol-containing or -related posts are difficult for you to read, skip the ones with the Scotchtober tag — which won’t be until next month anyway. (Not counting this post, obviously.)


Dahakha challenged me — in jest, I’m sure — to post a daily pic of me having a tequila during Tequilatember. While that does appeal, October is my birthday month which sort of justifies me drinking a little more. And I prefer scotch, which goes well with October, so there we have it. Scotchtober.

If I do it, you’ll likely get grainy, hand-shaky shots of whiskey glasses, because I’m not happy with myself in photographs. (Sort of like Darth Vader wasn’t happy with the Light Side.)

It’s just silly enough to appeal to me, and a shot of Scotch every evening is supposed to be good for you, right? I’m utterly not afraid of this going down a dreadfully slippery slope paved with Glenlivet bottles because last New Year’s Eve was, how do I put it, my liver’s cry for mercy. And I listened. Being sick as a dog for 2 days worked wonders on my hearing.


I’ve never been a particularly heavy drinker, or a drinker at all outside social events. My problem is that the older I get, the less I can handle my liquor. And I most certainly did drink too much at NYE. Lesson, apparently, learned. Whenever I try to drink too much now my brain, liver, pancreas and toenails say NO! Probably a useful thing, that, given the damage my dad did to his own liver over a lifetime of functional alcoholism.

Yikes, we’re getting way too serious here again.

Meece update

There’s nothing new under the Corpse here today anyway. My brain is slowly being fried by sleeping in discrete packets of 2-3 hours at a time during the night to feed those voracious little bastards I was foolish enough to take on lovely baby mice we rescued. I’m an 8-hours a night kinda girl, especially these days (anxiety meds tend to have that effect, at least one me). Fortunately the spousal unit is ex-Navy and quite accustomed to getting up at WTF-o’clock and, more importantly, to waking my ungrateful and grumbling ass up when required.

The babbies are growing — it doesn’t seem that way to me, but I think I’ve gone all Jewish mother on them: they’re always too skinny, not clean enough, and they never call or write. Night 3 came and went and they’re all still with us, all getting darker and more furry (well, fuzzy at the moment), all wrigglier than anything that small has any right to be. They have distinct fingers and little claws, tiny little whiskers, and apparently the teeth are coming in too; they can’t bite yet but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I become victim #1.

And that’s it. Go read someone else now! I wasn’t going to post at all today, dammit!

11 thoughts on “Announcing… Scotchtober!

  1. As a fledgling Scotch drinker, would there be a suggested label for a new initiate to Scotchtober? I’m open to ideas because Scotch has always seemed like a lovely drink to have a bit of but I always worry it tastes like paint varnish with liquid smoke stirred in.

    1. A lot of it does! (IMO) I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but when I tasted Glenlivet it was like Aaahhhhh, this will do nicely — and I’ve mostly stuck with that. The very peaty ones tend to taste like amber-coloured dirt to me…

      Given the cost it’s not exactly easy to say “Oh, get a dozen bottles of different kinds and see what you like best!” — unless you’re flush that way in which case, yay for you and will you adopt me?

      This will get you started. Watch out, this one IS a slippery slope, mostly for the wallet.

      1. Scotchtober can include anything whiskey- or whisky-like! We picked up a lovely bottle of bourbon at CostCo last NYE, originally to make bourbon pecan pie with (which was deelish), but that only used < 1 cup, and the rest contributed to the reason I don't remember the evening. I also can't remember the brand /cough

  2. Chances are, you won’t be bit by the mice as long as you socialize and handle them consistently. I’m sure you’re already doing that to feed them, so they now know your scent and won’t be afraid when you handle them as they get older.

    Domesticated mice and rats rarely bite unless provoked or afraid… or if they smell food on your fingers and they can’t tell the difference. XD While I don’t have experience with wild mice, I’d think they’d be similar to their fancy mouse siblings.

  3. Glad to see you and the Meece are continuing to post, and you have next month planned out already. A friend who visits breweries and wineries like mad always posts loving photos of her drinks, with nary even a clutching hand in the photo so I think you can creatively post your scotch a day.

  4. I can neither confirm nor deny the jestiness of my challenge.

    However, Scotchtober is a much better idea – tequila is nasty stuff and I am not at all biased by the fact that it is one of the only two alcoholic drinks that can make me sick if I have more than a single serve.

    I’m like you, I got my binge drinking days out of my system back in my 20’s, nowadays I rarely drink because I have no money but occasionally I splurge on a bottle of cheap scotch or canadian club and have a glass every evening or two. Usually lasts me three weeks or so.

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