Blaugust Day 31 – Ultimation

[Which was the only reason I wanted to call yesterday’s post Penultimation. Ah well. Next year.]

I’ve been too busy and/or sleeping (meece feeding every 3 hours overnight, Ysh-face =  >:-|  ) to check Feedly yet this morning — whoops, afternoon, even for me — but I’m sure our Blaugosphere is full of these posts. And I’m equally sure there’s an ambivalent mix of OMFG IT’S DONE IT’S DONE IT’S DONE SOMEBODY GET ME A BUCKET OF TEQUILA AND SOME FIRECRACKERS!!! — or maybe that’s just me? — and “Damn, it’s actually done. We did it! However much we posted, however well we posted, however much we read and commented and liked and hi-fived — it’s done. Huh. I might even miss it. Just a little. While I down my second bucket of tequila.”

Thank you author. I have no idea who you are because following links led me to a site in Iran, not much help, but thank you.

It’s been a trip. I’m not going to get all number-y on you because TAGN is so much better at it (remember girls, math is tough!) and did his Blaugust wrap-up post yesterday. Not because he’s a teacher’s pet or anything, just because he’s Borgishly efficient. I’m tempted to keep prefacing my posts with Blaugust all the way through September and October just to give him something to curl his lip at in Feedly.

(Okay, Blaugust is over, I guess I should stop picking on him. Pax.)

A little more seriously though, while I suspect TAGN has 83 times the traffic I do, the sources of our traffic are oddly similar so there’s no reason for me to reprise his analysis. I thought I’d get a significant traffic boost from Blaugust, but I didn’t really. I got quite a boost over January – July 2015, during which I barely posted, but this month’s numbers are comparable to last year’s numbers at this time. Which is nowhere near what they were 3 or 4 years ago, but that’s basically what happens when you stop posting; I’m surprised as many people still did visit throughout the Great Stylish Drought of 2013-2014. (Apologies to California.)

The vast majority of my traffic comes from search engines and always has. The most viewed post this month was the silly, glib and utterly throwaway post about the WoWspansion, by which I mean it was even more glib than usual for me. That would me mildly irritating if I didn’t already know that’s how things go — my most-viewed post ever is another throwaway one with a simple link to a FF XIII post on Gamasutra – that’s it. I guess it shows up on search engines a lot.

I’m getting more traffic from Twitter now than I used to, which isn’t hard because I got practically none, and I’m sure I have the lovely @RowanBlaze and his RTs to thank for that — not to mention everyone else who has RTd me, of course. I’m getting quite a few new followers over there too, bafflingly. I suspect I just don’t get the basic point of Twitter, which seems to be to follow as many people as possible in the hope of having as many people as possible following you so that you can say “Hey! I have Xty-million followers, that’s 1.27 more than you!” Or something. The “Oh yeah, I know you” people I follow back. Some of the “Um, who? But sure, you seem interesting” people I also follow back. The obvious bots (you know, Egghead icon, 78k tweets, 0 followers) I block. As for the rest, I just hope my insignificant, glib and usually irrelevant tweets vanish into the raging torrent of their 6k+ followed feed.

As you can tell, I’ve spent some time on Twitter this last month, probably more than I have in 5 or so years. It’s kinda neat to be able to bat silly little text-snippets back and forth with people almost in real time… but it also makes me deeply uncomfortable. Being on Twitter ‘live’ is like having a thousand tiny lampreys nibbling at your soul. Or maybe that’s just me. I’m really good at multi-tasking except, apparently, when it comes to social media. And I don’t think one is supposed to be on Twitter the same way one watches an episode of House on TV — or maybe people watch TV like they watch Twitter these days, with 0.3% of their attention, while doing 5 other things. I don’t know. It makes me feel old and vaguely Luddite. Luddite-y? Luddite-ish?

I posted every day, which is cool, mostly because I didn’t expect I was going to  — although in hindsight I’m not so surprised. I’ve never had any problem waffling. It’s the interesting, useful, perhaps even thought-provoking content that’s been so conspicuously absent from this blog for the last few years, and that’s what I’m agonising over. But if Blaugust has shown me one thing, it’s to stop bloody agonising and just do it. If I truly am blogging for myself, as the lady keepeth protethting, then surely it doesn’t matter what I write. Just because a post (or three years’ worth of posts) isn’t interesting doesn’t mean I’m not capable of being interesting or thought-provoking anymore. Right!


… Anyone?

…. Bueller?


– – – – –

PS: Meece still alive and doing as well as can be expected. Feeding them is still a major PITA. I think we over-estimated their age – they now appear to be about 4 days old, so they were 2 days old tops when we found them. Brought them to our vet just to get their opinion and everyone there went aiiiiieeeeee hanta aieeeee tularemia leper mice outcast unclean! so we came home again. (Our vet is a lovely practice. I’m being overly facetious.) I’m just waiting for their silly little mouths to get big enough to make feeding less of a hit-and-miss, make-sure-they-don’t-inhale-it-and-DIE kind of tension-fest.

17 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 31 – Ultimation

  1. Following you on Twitter (and reading your blog) has been one of the highlights of Blaugust for me, so while I support taking breaks when needed I hope you don’t disappear completely. 🙂

  2. @Eric – LOL!

    @Liore — see, this is why I love blogging. I mean, I like brain-farting all over the page anyway, but it hits me right in the feels when someone out there finds that I enhance their day, in whatever silly fashion I can.

    There are, of course, a number of blogs that do that for me (and btw I have bookmarked that beauty products post. I think you need to make this a monthly thing — I’m discovering my inner girly-girl!). It’s just awesome to be on the other end.

  3. But we’re still buddies right? Or was that just a Blaugust thing?

    It is always interesting to me which posts are popular and get more views and which ones just get crickets. Cross-linking helps a lot on that front.

    Also, my daughter is awesome at math and is taking a math in 8th grade I didn’t bother with until college. Now if she’ll just stick with it.

    1. I’m good at math, that was a snark at Barbie (because, you know, Barbie). Well, good at algebra and basic calculus. After that RL outside school got a bit crazy and I got a bit left behind, but I’m ok with that. But yay @TAGNdottir, we need more STEM-inclined women especially with the way education is going these days.

      I’ll have to think about the buddies thing.


  4. You are my favorite blog in my freshly-expanded rotation, so…I will parrot Liore here. Step back when us hungry lampreys nibble too much…but know that your energy is infectious and has actually had a really clear affect on my ambition for blogging.

    Nibble nibble nibble…. <3

  5. What Liore and wolfyseyes said. Re the blog part, that is. I’m not qualified to comment on Twitter although I am, ironically, qualified to tweet on it, having had an account for many years. I just don’t use it.

    I just read a book in which the word “stem” came up meaning a shade of green. I’m guessing you’re not suggesting we need more greenish women?

  6. I lovz your blog! I’ll miss the days you can’t post, but I’ll survive. I might sit in the corner of a room talking to myself scratching time pasted on the wall, but I’ll survive. I might walk through the grocery store pushing a cart of overly ripe melons waiting for flies to dine, but I’ll survive. I might go to the morgue and make my own Stylish Corpse, but it won’t survive. Until your next post, I’ll be waiting and surviving.

  7. I’ll echo the sentiments here, I love reading your blog. It’s high in the list of gaming blogs that I enjoy, and now that Blaugust is over I hope you’ll keep posting.

  8. Congrats on making it to the end! Your new new challenge is to blog a pic of you taking a shot of tequila every day in Tequilatember. 😛 Your reward will be to have had 30 shots of tequila.

  9. This is so on, but it will have to be Scotchtober because that’s my birthday month. And it will have to be pix only of the drinks, I’m a little camera-shy (in the same way the Joker is a little eccentric).

  10. That was probably the best image I’ve seen today with the Hulk having mixed feelings.
    Grats on making it through Blaugust, and good luck with the mice… mouses… meeces?

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