Blaugust Day 29 – Probably Foofery

So… I got nothin’.

Eh, that’s not entirely true. I got lots of stuff but I don’t want to write about it today. I have a post I want to do about how Blaugust was awesome (and exhausting) and how the community is awesome and about how EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. Even Princess YellowFeather thinks so*.

But that post is for next Monday (the 31st) or perhaps even for next Tuesday, as a post-mortem.

I have another post I want to do that’s all about frothing over tabletop RPGs, but that would take too much effort away from other things today — such as actually getting said tabletop RPG going. These things don’t write themselves, you know! (Posts or games.) I’m fairly certain this would only interest a small subset of my readership but, though I love you all, as always I also don’t care. You’ll read what I write and you’ll like it!

Or, you know, not read it. That’s cool too.

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I should do a post about my new Sims4 Legacy family, the Stylishes (pronounced Stye-LEESH with an outrrrrrageous French accent), because quite a few of the folks who have been reading here this last year are Sims4 players and I don’t want to completely ignore them — and because it’s been a fairly fun Legacy so far that hasn’t been plagued by Terminal Triplet syndrome or other mourning-excess or family-forgetting bugs. But I haven’t played the Sims all month and I’d rather write about it while I’m in it, so to speak. Maybe in September.

I want to do a post about how I have totally and utterly failed to live up to my Gaming To-Do List, because REASONS. Number one being that I usually totally ignore lists, so this was no surprise to me.

Hah! I just took a look at it and I haven’t done a single item on that list! To give myself a little bit of credit, I did try: I downloaded Torchlight II and was super keen to play that, but the Steam install keeps throwing out a Disk Write error and I absolutely cannot be arsed to jump through uninstalling and reinstalling Steam, as is their suggested solution. Screw that.

Well anyway, this was just to prove that I have tons of material, dammit! — I just choose not to use it today. And I bet I’m totally the best at writing about how I’m not writing out of all the Blaugustians out there. I said so on the internet so it must be true.

Last but not least, if you ever want to show support for a blog but don’t have time to say much or the words just won’t come, I refer you to @Wolfy’s suggestion, which I will adopt from now on. It’s friendly, cheerful, and super-positive:


PS: Foofery is a word I thought I’d made up but apparently hadn’t. Not that I trust the Urban Dictionary to define shit (literally) as so many of the entries are entirely made up, but I can’t really throw stones there, now can I. I do come up a lot on Google searches for the word though, which I am quite unjustly proud of. On this blog, if nowhere else, it’s a word for general stuff-and-meaningless-nonsense — you know, like this post.

– – – – – – – – – –

* I sure hope that link works for people. As of yesterday I can no longer watch YouTube videos on my Windoze PCs. Only one in every 10 or 15 videos will load.

It’s not Windoze 10 as I suspected, because I have the issue on my Win 8.1 Laptop. It’s not Firefox, because I have the issue on Chrome and even on (*spit*) Edge. It’s not hardware acceleration, since turning that off has no effect on any browser. It doesn’t appear to be a Flash issue (my FF Flash has been broken for months but Chrome’s is not). It’s not AdBlock because I had the same issue on the iPad in Safari, which doesn’t run that extension — which means it’s not Windoze at all.

Oddly enough, the iPad YouTube app and the Android YouTube app appear quite healthy and unwilling to censor my binge-watching of Mishka and Laika videos. Anyway, I mention this only in case one of you delightful, smart and helpful people had the exact same problem and found a solution not already covered above. And to spread the Gospel of the Talking Husky, because CUTE-DOG.

6 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 29 – Probably Foofery

  1. I TOTES AGREE WI–wait, there wasn’t anything to really agree with here.



  2. I DM’d a link to think to myself while I was at work, then forgot what I was going to comment on, until I reread it. Just that I absolutely adore Mishka and Laika! πŸ˜€ I would so own huskies if I thought for one second I could keep up with their energy level.

    1. I’m not super-energetic and we’ve always been ok, but maybe we have a weird Husky. They need room to run around in, that’s for sure, and we’ve always had a backyard for her to do that. Other than that, she’s super enthusiastic about EVERYTHING, even now that she’s 12, but it’s not Irish-setter or Dalmatian type hyper.

      The biggest, biggest downside is that if you play to have them indoors (as ours is), you need to a) invest in a really good vacuum cleaner (our Dyson has made me a customer for life) and b) be prepared to have Husky hair everywhere even *with* vacuuming like a crazy person. Neva gets groomed every 3-4 weeks and she still sheds like… well, a Husky.

      1. Another good point – I have a little backyard right now and it’s not even fenced. I’ve been careful about adopting lazy dogs, I’d hate to get one home, find out it’s high energy, and not be able to give it the space it needs.

        I have heard that about the hair!!! xD Yours sounds like a charmer, they’re such smart dogs.

  3. At first I thought you said you were going to fangirl about tabletop games but then I went back without my bias filter and it said tabletop RPGs which made me a little sad. Not because I don’t like them, but I tend to treat them like sports – I’d rather play than watch them being played. Most of the time.

    1. So come play! I’m trying to set up a group to play something at some point X times every Y time-interval. See, that’s how precise it is right now.

      Actually there’s a plan for a 3-session FATE Accelerated Edition arc just to let folks get to know each other (and to prepare for possibly being picked to playtest the Dresden Files Accelerated Edition). Circle me on G+ (Iz Parsley / Ysharros) and I’ll throw you an invite to the community if you like.

      I was originally going to be happy if I could get *A* group together. I won’t complain and run screaming if we end up with 2. And I’m not the only one who can GM, I’m sure.

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