Blaugust Day 22 – Poll Saturday

So I set up this post as a draft yesterday, fully intending to do a fun, exciting, fun, entertaining and FUN poll.

… But in the intervening time I have utterly forgotten what the poll was supposed to be about, and like the typical me that I am I failed to make a note of the proposed subject. Which is me in a nutsh— oh look, shiny!

Yeah. I don’t mind being me, but sometimes I wonder what it’s like to have a brain that doesn’t act like a cocaine-addled squirrel. It must be a lot calmer in there, being able to take a single thought to a logical conclusion. (I’d do another ooo shiny joke but I think I’ve beaten those at least half to death; let’s let the horse recover a bit.)

But Poll Saturday it is (this really needs a better name), so a poll we shall have. Let’s keep this first one simple and deal with an age-old internet and gamer question. There. That should be enough answers to ensure thoroughly useless results.

Ooo and that’s 10 sentences. I’m done here!


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