Blaugust Day 21.2 – Shadowrun: Hong Kong first screenies

I’ve been playing Shadowrun: Hong Kong for all of an hour but it’s been super fun so far. Glad I backed this. I’ll do a proper post about it some other day because I’ve got some scum to kill and triad ladies to kowtow to.







3 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 21.2 – Shadowrun: Hong Kong first screenies

  1. I saw this yesterday and put it in my wishlist. I’m sure Black Friday it will go on sale. I’ll snatch it up then.

    1. Clicky the linky, silly man 😀 I’m having a blast – it’s like a computer-run RPG session, which is nice considering my non-existent tabletop gaming atm. I restarted though because I screwed up my char, but you have to expect that in a game like this.

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