Blaugust Day 19 – ARK: lazy blogging day pix

It’s my turn to claim that if a picture is worth 1000 words, you’re about to get way more than I should need to write in a single day. That’s because a) it’s already late in the day and the later it gets, the less I want to write and b) there’s only so many different ways I can say “…and a dinosaur killed me and devoured my corpse.”

I did do and learn a few things yesterday though, the first being that for all my maniacal crowing (here’s a reminder:)

quoting myself

the server options shockingly only affect server-based games and not single-player games.


The second was that telling literally the whole freaking world (well, Twitter), first thing in the morning, how you’re going to spend the entire day in a blissed-out gaming state is guara-fucking-teed to screw up said day.

Third: Setting up a server for myself and the spousal unit to play on wasn’t as easy as it looked, until I found better instructions and this handy-dandy utility: ARK Server Manager. Get it. Use it. I spent a couple of hours faffing around with firewall and router settings and didn’t even need to since it’ll do that for you. I was wrong. You DO have to open those ports on your router but the walkthrough you’re pointed to is excellent.

ARK server manager 2
Click for larger version

Just be sure to point your “Installation Location:” to your existing ARK install (generally SteamSteamAppscommonARK) and not some other folder — I thought it was asking for something else until I realised it was redownloading the whole bloody game (not on my internet connection, you don’t!). And if it doesn’t enter the required ports (orange boxes above), make sure those are entered.

The utility lets you set ALL the variables for the server and then some – the screenie below is just the first quarter of them.

ARK server manager
Click for larger version

Also, if you run your own server, know that it takes a while to get up and running — especially the first time. Mine currently takes about 2 minutes to get going but that’ll vary depending on your rig. Finally, if you find you’re getting timed out a lot once you’re playing on your server, set the client bandwidth to lower than epic — which you have to do from within the game since I assume it’s a local setting; worked like a charm for us.

Fourth: When you brag about how you’re going to play all day, you should know that there will be a patch. It’s a law of gaming. And lo, as soon as the server was set up, there was a patch.

And because I was running the server, my patch was corrupt. So here’s another thing about running a server: shut the server down before you patch. If you get a corruption, shut down the server and just let Steam run the validation; it’ll redo the patch and things will be fine. And if you have a decent internet connection you won’t have to get so mad that you have to clean a parrot cage (no, this is not a euphemism) just to channel your fury into something more constructive than whining on Twitter.

When I finally did get on it was kinda late in the day. The spousal unit and Ysh 3.0 spawned into South Zone 1 to see a brontosaurus happily clomping around crushing every tree in sight. Then we got repeatedly killed by a (to quote him) dildosaurus but was in fact a dilophosaur — yes, the same wee bastards that killed me before. He left to go watch TV but I persevered and have a few screenshots to prove it.

Turns out third time might be the charm — I did not get killed (after the first 3 times), I got revenge on the wee bastard, and I made a house!!11oneone!! There. You may now switch channels, the rest is just pix.

bronto invader
Not a dino you can easily push out of the way.
Note: do not light its foot on fire by mistake while demonstrating a torch to the SO

A quick note: Ysharros 3.0 does not have Thunder-butt, to quote @Wolfy. Men can be so judgy! Maybe just Minor Tremor Butt, because I refuse to make females who look like stick-figures with hot-air balloons stuck to their chests. (Only men make female characters like that in games, BTW.)

Take THAT, dildodocus!
Take THAT, dildodocus!
very very dark
This is what night is like without a torch or fire nearby
fire good
Fire good! And house half-built
ill cut you
If you get near my house I’ll CUT you!
house 1 done
House 1 done. And fancy Indy hat.

I promise I will write about something other than ARK tomorrow.


PS: See how what I’m playing right now fits really well into my Gaming To-Do List? That’s my 6% conscientiousness showing its true colours right there.

13 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 19 – ARK: lazy blogging day pix

    1. Our internet connection does this randomly anyway, but yes. Or you will get so sick you can’t even drag your sorry carcass out of bed to play.

  1. Yay for progress! Congrats on the house! πŸ˜€

    I am just running the ARK server on the CMD window commands right now, haven’t tried the Ark Server Manager. Might try it someday, but for now, the server I have is running so I’m not touching it! XD

  2. I’m loving your Ark posts, moar is better when it comes to brutal environments, deadly dinos, and fantastical straw homes. Glad you’re becoming the Beast Mistress we all know you to be.

  3. I’ve tried this but it was way above my brain cells. I died 3 times in 5min before giving up.

    1. I ate my poop
    2. I ate bigger dinosaur poop
    3. I broke my hands against a Hut and bled to death.

    Oh and some giant fish ate me trying to swim to. A shiny across a river. Yeah, I’d die quick if I had to survive for real.

  4. Hey, I love the Thunder-butt. Just sayin’. :<

    I'm surprised at how nice that house has come together for you. It looks pretty damn good. πŸ˜€ Keep it up!

  5. Glad you’re enjoying ARK. I tried it myself and lost patience when I realized it would take me a real time hour to tame a turtle.

  6. Am I the only one who feels a vague sense of dread when I see a campfire placed directly on a floor of thatch? I mean, how can this possibly end without tears? Why would the devs even allow that to be a thing?

    1. No, it took me two RL days to dare to do that because it felt so incredibly wrong. But I guess some things have to be allowed. πŸ™‚

  7. A little late to this, but I’ll reference this if I ever setup my own server. Wow, it looks dangerous being that close to the long-neck.

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