Blaugust Day 16 – Halfway There

TL;DR: Yay! Halfway! Animal! Stats! No Project: Gorgon play! But ARK! Yay!

I’m certainly not the only one to be doing this kind of post today/yesterday — and those were only a few of the links I could have done, because I’m shamefully behind on my RSS feed.

Point being:

halfway-thereOr screw calm and just:

animal smallEvery morning as I sit down at my desk I’ve been moaning and whingeing to myself about having to post. And then I’ve been moaning and whingeing to you lot about having nothing to write about. And yet every day I’ve produced around 800 or 1000 words of text (which, if you remove all my tangents and parentheses, probably comes to about 200 words a day but fortunately nobody said tangents weren’t allowed).

Odd how that happens, eh? Yoda was right. To do something, you just do it. And the flip-side of that is that you need to give yourself permission to also not do it. (I’m lookin’ at you, @hestiah! You’re not bad or a failure for not wanting to / being able to / having the energy to post every day!) Yoda’s such a Zen dude.

As many others have noted, however, this pace is a little excessive for me. I’m already noticing that sharing bits of myself every day is quite exhausting and that it’s costing me more (emotionally, creatively, whatever) than it’s bringing me, which is the opposite of what this blog was meant to be. It’s supposed to be a charming boutique-type outlet, not a Black Friday Sale. But it’s equally undeniable that just sitting my ass down and writing stuff (as I used to) is producing the results I’d hoped for: I’m recovering my sense of myself as a blogger.

Now that we’re two weeks into the initiative, it’s fairly obvious I am getting traffic from Blaugust, but the weirdest thing I noticed from glancing at my stats was that the more I post in a single day, the more views I get. Two weeks is hardly a representative sample, though it was a trend I noticed years ago on the odd occasion when I posted more than once in a day. (Maybe that’s not as weird as I think — but although I’m quite decent at some types of math, statistics are voodoo as far as I’m concerned.) The other thing of note is that Twitter traffic has increased significantly, which is no surprise as my Tweets used to be protected (i.e. limited to my friends) and now they’re not.

There will be no Project: Gordon today, because the launcher decided it needed to re-download the whole client instead of just the patch so I sent it to stand in a corner to think about what it did.

And now I’m going to try to end a post before I hit 500 words, because it’s Sunday. And because after not buying it in the June sale, I’m going to get ARK and try it out. Blame Aywren. Ooga-booga!

6 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 16 – Halfway There

  1. Hahah! Sorry! (Not sorry!) πŸ™‚

    Hope you have fun with Ark! Just be careful which server you join. I hear there can be a lot of trolls out there. That’s why I set up my own that I turn on just when my friends want to play. Plus it’s very flexible with the server settings, and I can dial back the difficulty some. I was pleased at how customizable it is.

    As for Ooga-booga… well, when I asked my friends “What should I name our tribe?” and I get no answer… they should know better than to leave it up to me. πŸ™‚

    1. I’d have gone with Ooga-Chaka but Ooga-Booga is damned fine too πŸ˜‰

      I guess I’d better read up on the whole ARK server thing – or maybe just play it locally for a while, assuming that’s possible – while it downloads. With luck & our internet I should be able to play sometime on Wednesday.

      1. Funny, my friends said the same about Ooga-Chaka. πŸ™‚

        Yes, you can play solo or host a solo game your friends can join without jumping through hoops to set up the dedicated server. I’m not sure how much you can configure a solo game, though. I spent most my time pouring over info about the server config yesterday.

  2. I am stunned at how this whole Blaugust thing is working out, both in terms of writing, being a part of the blogging community, and outreach. It is staggering and exhausting and exciting and I’m not sure what is happening but HERE I GO LOOKIT ME WRITE MOAR YOU GAIZ!

    *sprouts three pairs of wings and flutters off*

    1. Yoda-ear-waggle


      Drive yourself crazy for this you must not, grasshopper!

      (Oh wait, that’s a different Yoda.)

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