Blaugust Day 13.2 – Happy Birthday to me

year 7Or rather this blog — my birthday isn’t until October, so you all have plenty of time to find something suitable. (Early October though, so don’t dilly-dally!)

I would have forgotten all about it but the WordPress Widget Wizard has a much better memory.

This means it is also Harbinger Zero’s blog-birthday, or somewhere in these waters, along with a number of other people who began their careers as novice bloggers during the beta of Warhammer Online and the formation of Casualties of War. Happy freaking birthday, bloggers!

I’m not sure if CoW is dead these days but it sure was fun while it lasted — leaning towards dead, actually, since the link now leads to some kind of site in Mandarin (I’m guessing) with a very white-bread, white-linen, flower-clasping pregnant lady on the banner. Quite tasteful, really.

Um… that’s it. Maybe I should mention WoW, FFXIV, Tera, GTV and ARK just so I can catch some of that random search-engine traffic — PSYCH!! Bwahahahaha.

14 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 13.2 – Happy Birthday to me

  1. Happy Blogo-birthday. Another year older, another year wiser. Another 11 years and your blog can legally vote in the US.

  2. Happy Stylish Corpse Anniversary Appreciation Day!

    Here’s to the next 7!

    BTW, CoW still does exist. The clan is still there is Fallen Earth and Rift. Not sure about elsewhere.

  3. I ve still be logging in every day slowly leveling my pre-80 characters using the weekly experience scrolls they give out. Seeing I have 4 characters that were sitting at level 20 from previous birthday boost, I was more than happy to bump them all up to 30 to save myself a few weeks of time.

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