Blaugust Day 5 – Lists' Labours Lost

X reasons why short blog posts are better than long ones:

  1. People are more likely to actually read them.
  2. They demand a great deal less effort to write.
  3. List posts are even shorter, better and easier. True fact.
  4. If I make it to 10, I’ll have fulfilled the Blaugust requirement of 10-ish long-ish sentences that make sense-ish.
  5. They’re something you can easily bang out when you went out for breakfast (yum) and come home only to realise you totally forgot to do your Blaugust post for the day.
  6. They kind of write themselves. List item 1, random blurb. List item 2, random blurb.
  7. Here’s one: World of Warcraft subscriber figures came out yesterday. Some people do serious posts about them. I just write: Blizzy-wizzy, said Acty-wackty, the sky is falling!!
  8. Lists can be quite useful — if the people writing them take them seriously, quite unlike the author of the present list who might as well be drunk at 10 in the morning for all the effort she’s putting into this.
  9. They help organise your thoughts. So I’m told. My thoughts tend to look like an explosion in a gummy-bear factory.gummybearexplosion
  10. How cool is the internet when you can create a random simile, Google it, and actually find results. Click me. Really. You won’t be sorry. The real fun starts at 29 seconds.
  11. I’m liking this list thing. It’s so much easier! Maybe I’ll do another list post tomorrow — after all, I need to jump on the Gaming Things To Do bandwagon! I’ve held off doing it because #9 above and no list of mine ever lasts longer than it takes to— ohhh look! SHINY!!
  12. I don’t normally like to ask for ideas, but with people suddenly, you know, actually coming by and reading this blog again, I’ll break my own self-imposed non-rule that I was never bound to follow anyway. (Just like all the grammatical and good writing rules I learned — I majored in English and French Lit — and happily ignore. That’s the point of getting a Mickey Mouse humanities degree, don’tcha know.) So yeah… if there’s anything you want to know, have been wondering about, or would like to see me turn my rapier-like wit toward, by all means speak up in the comments.
  13. Every time I’ve asked for comments instead of keeping my big mouth shut, the comments section ends up like this:Β tumbleweed
    You’d think I’d know better by now.
  14. Made it to X! Extra credit! I’m an achiever after all!

PS: I am woefully, shamefully and disgustingly behind on my Blaugust reading… like, stuck somewhere around noon on day 3 for most of my blogs. Apologies to all. Also, if you want, need or absolutely can’t live without being on my Blogroll (which people do click, according to WordPress stats), let me know. I am not snooty, I am useless — different intents, same end result. Besides, I’ve been waiting 73 years to make it onto Wilhelm’s Blogroll, so it could be worse.

16 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 5 – Lists' Labours Lost

  1. I went short today myself… just about 1,500 words queued up to hit this morning about setting things on fire. I put in lots of pictures for people who don’t care to read.

    And you aren’t in my blog roll? I think you are in my live feed though. Hrmm…

    1. Actually I kind of like not being in the roll — it makes me the special outsider (which I’ve been all my life), and it’s nice to know I’m in the feed. Mostly I have decided that you are to be the leg-pullee this week, lucky you.

      Edit – and yes I did go dark for a while. Hell, I’ve been dark for the last 3 years or so. Dark and brooding. Interestingly gloomy. Wait, no, the blog – I hadn’t posted in ages. I must stop this silliness at once.

      1. The only thing worse than being such a target is not being such a target. I want to be the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral, and the butt of every joke.

  2. Turns out you were in my blog roll, but hidden. Did you go dark for a while? I try to keep it to just active sites, then I forget to unhide sites when they come back.

  3. One of the first bits of advice I ever read was to end every blog post on a question so people would have a reason to comment. Then no one did and I felt like I was doing everything wrong.

    I try not to ask for input anymore …

  4. Hehehe, that was a lovely list and a pleasure to read. πŸ™‚ Also good for me, since I’m fighting against my tendency to want to make my posts novel-length!

    I also used to end posts with questions, because it seemed like the thing to do. Then I realized that I enjoy plenty of blogs that don’t, so I’m back on the fence about it. It seems like the best thing to do in theory, it’s the practice that it doesn’t seem to pan out.

  5. Adding you to my blogroll today. We’re already connected on twitter, dunno how you didn’t make it on my blogroll, but yeah, Blaugust is giving me a new reason to update it!

  6. I’m wondering as I’ve been reading your posts if you feel as if you should be or want to be writing formal article quality posts rather than just jotting down your thoughts on any given day?
    I know you’ve said you don’t care much about combat (not your wording of course), but can you say which games you’ve played have combat you didn’t mind or that you’ve absolutely hated?
    Do you apply for beta programs for many upcoming games these days and is there anything in particular that you’re excited about?
    Are there any games on your computer that you just can’t bring yourself to uninstall even though you haven’t played it in forever?
    what is your all time favorite game?
    There you are, a few extra tumbleweeds for your collection.

  7. I just want to say, I saw her first!


    Haha it is awesome having you back on twitter &co. Ysh, was a time when I felt like a star because you added me to your blogroll!

  8. Hah, there’s much higher star-power than me – you for one!

    Thanks for the ideas, @Ath!!

    I used to write formal article-quality posts, way back when – check the archives for 2009 ( and 2010… and that’s how long I haven’t been blogging properly. Ugh.

    I also wrote for for a while ( but it coincided with greater RL/work commitments and the start of my ‘dry phase’ here, so that ended after about a year. To be honest I’m not sure how well I fit in there (with the audience, not the staff, who are marvellous and still on my friends lists). The best thing about that was that my blogging hero (Lum aka Scott Jennings) had also had a column there so I felt like I totally arrived. πŸ˜‰

  9. Having blog posts that are a manageable length is super important! I find if I write a longer post, I tend to ramble a bit and I think I lose people halfway through, haha.

    Drunk at 10 in the morning? Cheers to that!

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