In reply to my previous post, pskinner mentioned Trove, which apparently could be a crafter’s paradise. I saw that this morning, just before checking my mail…

In which I found this:


And then I remember why I quit ArcheAge before the alpha phased into beta, and why I’m unlikely to ever pay for a Glyph game again. It’s one thing to give actual perks for subscribing; it’s quite another to offer features that nobody would want to be without. If you’re going to be free to play, BE free to play. If you’re going to be subs-only, then man up and admit that’s what you are – it works pretty well for WoW after all.

Maybe the whole ArcheAge thing just left a sour taste ($150 for the privilege of Alpha testing being the first thing, and I won’t get started on the rest or this will become a rant of epic proportions). It was my choice to spend the money, after all. Just like it’s my choice to not play any of their other games now. There’s just something too… grasping about the whole Glyph money model.

I’d also forgotten Trove is supposed to be a Minecraft-alike. If it’s very much like it — specifically with how the camera works — then the only thing that will happen is me hurling my breakfast all over the room, so that’s another no right there. I think if I want a voxel game I’ll just go back to Landmark; it’s been over a year and a great deal of water has gone under that bridge (which isn’t even a Sony bridge anymore), so maybe those pesky graphics issues — the ones where anyone with an nVidia card would crash — have been fixed.


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  1. … and I just got back on the internet after some power failures almost cost me my graphics card. Thanks Obama… (oh, wait…)

    But anyway, I haven’t played Trove since that day I posted here. I’m still on those happy early stages of the game, so I don’t know how those perks would affect gameplay. But yeah, I hate cash shops that offer power. It creates this privileged x peasant division to the player base that really bugs me.

    I only played ArcheAge when it launched, and only as a free player. But just from testing it for a few days I got the feeling that whoever had more cash would have more fun on that game, so I quit. But $150 for being in alpha? That is shocking! I understand why you would want to avoid games by the same company. I was on alpha for Allods Online and when that game launched and their cash shop went full money-grab-mode it was so heart breaking. It was a great game with great art design and fun mechanics, but the cash shop just killed it for most of the people who tested it.

    I never played Landmark. I remember applying for beta and never getting an invitation πŸ™

    But I don’t know about Trove. I’ll continue playing it as long as I’m having fun. And honestly, I’m only spending cash if I think its worth it. Because of my Allods experience, I only spend money on a game if I feel happy playing it as a free player. So I’ll test it and see where it goes.

    Out of curiosity, what is your opinion on Rift? It’s another game that I just played very little but got a good impression. And the sense that I have (from blogs and forums) is that the cash shop is not the bad kind, but I’ve never really seen it. I’ve only played it before the F2P conversion. I’m only asking because it’s another game by Trion but it seems to have a good reputation online. Have you played it?

    ps. Whenever you want to play SWG I’m up for it, but probably really late at night, like after 22h (for me :p). I just logged in just to pay my rent, haha.

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