WoW – Creepy Battle Pet is Creepy

I couldn’t wait to make the Elekk Plushie battle pet, and as soon as I had 50 hexcloth I immediately wasted used them on that. And he’s cute… until you summon him. Then he’s just creepy.

Elekk plushieHe doesn’t move, see, and that’s the problem. He just sort of stands there, staring at you with those pink button eyes. And then you move, and he stays where he was, and you forget all about him… until you stop again somewhere and suddenly he’s there, right behind you, staring at you with those pink button eyes.

It ain’t natural, I tells ya.

2 thoughts on “WoW – Creepy Battle Pet is Creepy

  1. That’s a nod to a video game glitch from awhile back….I’ll have to dig in my memories banks for the game. Anyway, you had a companion character that was glitched and wouldn’t follow you, but if you stood in place and swept the camera 360 degrees, he would always appear right beside you, no matter how far away you left him.

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