WoW – Noobness Never Dies

Just to prove that I’m not lying when I say I’m a perma-noob — I’ve done the quest in the screenshot three times already and NOT ONCE did I notice the 4th ingredient in the top right (the quest doesn’t necessarily use all four possible ingredients). It was only after my druid failed three times to get the ‘glowy’ ingredient that I, puzzled that none of the three ingredients were working, went and checked the quest out on WoWHead.

If I’d been a bit less of a noob I’d have remembered that the previous quest had me gather four ingredients to make that potion with. Duh.


2 thoughts on “WoW – Noobness Never Dies

  1. There are at least two of those style quests I have hit so far. I had a couple of “wait, what?” moments on my first try, but after I settled and found all the ingredients, they were not so bad. The ingredient names match the vague “gimme something that does X” commands you get well enough that I usually get it by the second try (on the third character).

    1. Oh sure, they’re actually really easy – except when you’re looking for ‘something that glows’ and you didn’t see the glowy herbs YOU JUST HARVESTED 5 MINUTES PREVIOUSLY /head-desk

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