WoW – Remembering Shattrath

For those who remember that excruciatingly slow tour of Shattrath on the heels of Khadgar’s orange grape, losing it half the time because it clipped through floors and walls…

Now it’s giving excruciatingly slow tours of player garrisons. Just as long as I’m not the one having to follow it, it’s all good.

Khadgars servant


3 thoughts on “WoW – Remembering Shattrath

  1. Agh I didn’t realize it was the same guy. Hated crawling around after him in Shattrath. I ignore him in my garrison.

    1. I just did the Shattrath tour with a couple of alts and it STILL makes me grind my teeth. I don’t think you can even stay where you are and wait for him because it fails out the quest if you get too far away. 😛

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