Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Four Birthdays and a Funeral

I’ll tell you one thing, life is never boring in the Mirage household.

After the last play session and post, I moved on to the Trips’ birthdays and decided to throw a relatively large bash, at which point I discovered that nobody in the family seems to know any women, or at least not any young ones. (Presumably they’re all busy mobbing Handsome Noble over in Oasis Springs…) The invite list was depressingly full of men and grandmothers, though Baccarat was at least able to invite Stacy Holden, the older woman he’s been hoping to get off with for weeks. There are no romantic interactions when one party is jailbait, sadly — though apparently it’s fine for siblings to get all nasty with each other, and it’s also ok if you’re in the same age bracket. (The incest thing may have been patched. It’s not something I’ve tested out.)

Bacc and Poker bday
Baccarat and Poker age up

Holdem, proud dad that he is, baked a hamburger cake per the trips’ request (health? we don’t need no stinkin’ health!), and they each took turns blowing out the candles and making wishes in order of birth-canal exit. Baccarat went first, followed by Poker, and finally Canasta, who from her grin seemed to think all the men were invited for her (never mind that half of them are family) — and who knows, as events turned out maybe she wasn’t wrong.

Canasta raining menI’m not entirely sure what she saw in the bowl Holdem was using to make the next cake (at 8 cooking skill, he was the caterer for the party), but it can’t have been pleasant.

Candles CanastaSo far, things were as normal as they can get when you’re having a triplets birthday party which — you hope — will end with two of them moving out happily ever after. Poker isn’t romantically-inclined much at this stage and doesn’t really mind where he lives (as long as it’s got gym equipment), but Canasta can’t wait to move out and start her own family (the adult aspiration she got when she aged up to teen).

Speaking of which, adult traits were as follows: Baccarat – Self-Assured (a new one for me); Poker – Glutton (ditt0); Canasta – Bro. So Elise has managed to pass her Bro gene onto two of her children, though admittedly two of them also got Holdem’s Creative leanings (which is now in its third generation).

Anyway, that’s when things started getting a little out of hand. Baccarat FINALLY managed to get Stacy away from where she was making eyes at Ratscrew (who isn’t that way inclined and was a bit bemused by the attention), and one thing fairly rapidly led to another. Baccarat may have trouble making up his various minds — he still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life other than live off his parents’ inheritance — but once he does decide, he’s inexorable. Stacy didn’t stand a chance.

Baccs first kiss
From first kiss… LURVE ROCKET, baby!
…to LURVE ROCKET, baby!

Especially seeing as God (me) thought she was perfect for the family too. Baccarat did spend some time getting to know her before he made her see stars, and she’s an Art Lover, Music Lover, and Good — hell, it’s like she’s Parcheesi and Gordon rolled into a single package. It’s almost enough to make one wonder what romantic hound-dog Gordon might have gotten up to before (or during!) his marriage to ‘Cheesi… Plus she’s pretty, which is not a bad thing considering the increasing ugly-quotient Baccarat seems to be displaying. Maybe it’s just that he’s always scowling at something.

While Bacs was busy getting it on in the 50,000-mile high club, Canasta was busy finding someone adequate enough to move out with. She didn’t really catch his name (he was someone Poker met somewhere and who got invited to the birthday party to round out the numbers), but he seems nice enough. Or maybe she hit him over the head when nobody was looking.

Canasta finds love

At any rate they also ended up getting it on; and, just like Holdem and Elise, apparently her own bed wasn’t good enough. First time had to be in Mom and Dad’s bed. This is a vaguely disturbing trend in the Mirage children, but since the parental bed is now the $10,000 ultra-comfort-massage-foam-coffee-maker model, maybe it’s understandable. Fortunately nobody walked in on them (this time).

So I’m trying to juggle Baccarat and Canasta getting amorous with relative strangers, and at the same time, Slapjack — for the first time in his already relatively long life — has met SOMEONE ROMANTICALLY INTERESTING TO HIM!11oneone!! This deserves emphasis, since he truly has never shown the slightest interest in anyone. Sadly I apparently didn’t think to get a screenshot of it, but you can just make him out talking to the lady in question in the Baccarat space-lurve shot. She was the hired bartender, and I do hope his relationship with her doesn’t get bug-nixed before I can find out her name and he can make plans to see her again. Like I said, there must be something in the water in this town.

Slaps and bartenderWhile all THAT was going on, right around the time at which Baccarat and Stacy were starting to get to third base (so before the rocket), tragedy struck inside the house. Everyone was busy enjoying their hamburger cake when…

Salmon mousseHoldem noticed at once and is either genuinely sad for the poor lady or worried that she’ll die on his beautiful black-and-white cake (which he made for Ratscrew’s birthday that was planned for the same night but didn’t actually happen). Tanner Aaron is crying like a diva and stepping on her head. Ratscrew just kept munching on his hamburger cake and looking both sad and bemused, and Canasta apparently didn’t see (or want to see) what was going on right behind her while she chatted up whatsisface. In fact, she hustled him into the den right after that for some TV and couch-canoodling.

Holdem tried to plead with Death, once again with absolutely no effect. Mr. Reaper doesn’t much like the Mirages, it seems, though admittedly the deceased wasn’t a member of the family.

Reaper party

…And then everyone went back to socialising as though nothing had happened. Apart from Holdem, who insisted on going out to grieve over a relative stranger every 5 minutes while baking his cakes; I’d placed her gravestone in the family plot, because it seemed rude just to leave her urn in the middle of the kitchen and she didn’t appear to have any relatives present. There seems to be something about cooking that causes Sims to grieve above and beyond the call of duty, to the point where I eventually sent her spirit on just so the guests could get some food made.

Did I mention that Baccarat is like the unstoppable object once he’s decided he wants something? This happened right after they came down from space-sex, which apparently was pretty good (+4 happy mood!) because Stacy accepted at once.

Bacs proposes to Stacy

And that’s where I had to stop. I’d hoped to get Poker and Canasta out of the house by the end of that party (I was sort of figuring Poker would move to wherever Canasta’s going), but one admittedly good woo-hoo in her parents’ bed isn’t quite enough even for Canasta, even if she does really REALLY want to start a family RIGHT NOW. So she and, er, Whatsisface, will have to get to know each other a little better. Tomorrow should work for the move, then.

Baccarat is engaged but fell over asleep before he got a chance to move Stacy in, and Elise put her foot down in any case and insisted on a wedding first. (Not to mention a move-out on Poker and Canasta’s part.) Slapjack met a lovely woman who disappeared while he was taking a leak (the party ended and she went home, and he’d ordered about a dozen Salty Ferrets just so he could keep talking to her), but he’s hoping against hope that he got her digits in his phone before she vanished. Holdem is devotedly mourning someone I’m not sure he even knew, though people keeling over in your kitchen is understandably quite upsetting. And Ratscrew just thinks the cakes were good and that he wants a really, really, really low-key birthday. Maybe no birthday at all, though it would be a shame to waste the 5 cakes sitting in the fridge…

Oh, last but not least, Slapjack painted a picture of a place Sims 3 fans should recognise. I thought that was a cute touch.

Slaps paints Sunset Valley



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