EQ2 – One Isle To House Them All

I’ve been playing EQ2 again for a couple of months, and things sure have changed in the 4 years or so since I last played. Basically I seem to play 12-18 months every 3 or 4 years, which makes EQ2 probably my most-played game in the last 10 years alongside WoW.

Many, many things have changed since I last played EQ2. We now have access to tradeskill assistants, and with the recent Grandmaster spell patch thingy (which I haven’t really read but know is important) and the impending expansion, Altar of Malice, all my crafters — which is basically all my characters bar one — are busy coaching their assistants and making minor items for them. I thought they were supposed to assist me, but whatever.

They can’t be placed in guild halls (we haz one; two, actually, if you count the guild Feiruza — previously Fairuzax after the server merge and formerly known as Fairuza — is in, but I’m the only one logging in there at the moment and can’t afford the status cost on a weekly basis). But they CAN be placed in houses, and as I discovered it doesn’t even have to be your own house, just one you’re a trustee in.

EQ2 researchers

So all my assistants are now in the prestige house I got for Toccata with the Station Cash I had left over from last time. It’s actually a prestige island, and I love it, even if I haven’t actually done anything with it other than plonk assistants down. The reason for moving them all to one location is that you can portal there straight from the guild hall, and portal straight back – which is handy for Feiruza who isn’t in the same guild.

I’m relearning the game, trying to get Feiruza to 280AA (currently at 237, I always did neglect AA) so that she can level past 90, and trying to get my new beastlord, Ysharros, to whatever crafting and adventuring levels I have time for. Most of the other alts are under level 40, but they’re all 95 in the class that matters, which is crafting. Currently I’m only missing a 95 sage (on my other account, which I haven’t resubbed, so she can’t go past 92) and a 95 jeweller (Ysharros is working on that).

I’m also playing around with tiles and stairs and generally making a mess of the alts guild hall, which still had Frostfell decorations up from 2009 until  I took them down a few days ago…

EQ2 guild hall messI haven’t even got involved in the Nights of the Dead event yet, because work and Sims 4 and WoW 6.whatever patch and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you’re in EQ2 and fancy a chat, my primaries are Feiruza, Toccata and Ysharros, all on Crushbone now (Lucan d’Lere as was…). I play mostly US-Mountain daytime, because my evenings are spent in an adapting-to-new-medications haze. Apparently getting lots of sleep is good for you – which is just as well, I’m getting 8-10 hours a night. I should be stunningly gorgeous real soon now!


9 thoughts on “EQ2 – One Isle To House Them All

  1. Ah the continual joy of EQ2. I have enough station cash to grab a high level character, but I never decided which one to use it on. And indecision led to inactivity. But I have a feeling I will wander into the game again soon. The broken moon in the sky above calls to me!

    1. The moon isn’t broken anymore, actually! I’m not entirely sure how and why but it happened just recently and it’s a lore thing and, uh, something something because dragons. If you wander in, we’re on Crushbone but it’s not exactly a hopping place :/
      I was considering a move to Antonia Bayle or one of the other busier servers but it would have to be ALL my chars and that’s probably just not gonna happen. Besides, most of the time I’m bimbling around by myself or with people I know, so it’s really just a case of wanting to see more people in the zones. I can survive that.

      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t move either in that case, way too expensive. Best character I have on that server is a 21 Shaman I think. Actually I think both characters I have on that server are in your guild, you pulled me in last time we crossed paths over there, unless the roster has been purged.

      2. That was likely Halasian Empire and it’s still going, I just happen to be the only one active right now. I think Angela is mostly building kickass things in Landmark these days.
        If you do make it back, there’s always the alts guild but that’s also just me right now. 😛

  2. Your guild hall looks almost SWG worthy. Very cool looking. I think my characters are all on Antonia Bayle (?) or I’d say hello. EQ2 does have appeal, along with Rift as extra game time. Gearing up literally for Warlords of Draenor and trying to super stock the guild bank with potions, scrolls and foods.

    1. The guild hall is a mess. It looks good because of all the paintings, mainly. You should see Halasian Empire’s hall (the guild Feiruza is in) — the GL is awesome at deco.

      EDIT – that said, yes. One thing SOE has always done well is housing. This isn’t *quite* SWG, but there are a lot more items and some of the homes people are doing are just incredible.

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