Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Gen 2 Choices

EDIT – Argh! Apparently the 90 minutes I played last night — which included Parcheesi getting older, the boys getting As, and a few changes to the house — somehow didn’t get saved. Guess I didn’t hit “Save and Exit” the way I thought I did.

So everything you read below hasn’t actually happened. Except now it HAS to happen, a) because I reported it that way and b) because it already DID happen and I don’t want to rewrite history, even fictional history. Bah humbug.

EDIT 2 – I got over my ethics. Parcheesi took the damn potion. ‘Cheesi’s not ready to be an Elder yet! Other than that, I’m playing everything as I remember playing it yesterday.

~ ~ ~

It’s proving to be a quiet work week so far (yay!), so I’m planning to advance the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge a bit. After a difficult start learning to control so many Sims (for me, more than one Sim is “so many”) I’m actually quite enjoying the different people and personalities.

Not long after Gordon died, Parcheesi was told to age up… and right after she blew out the candles on her Elder cake, I discovered that youth potions only set you back to the beginning of the current age-bracket. Oh well, lesson learned for following generations if needed.

Instant old

Meanwhile, Holdem, who isn’t old enough to have the “Romantic” interactions option, is cruising the gym for likely-looking ladies. The whole Elders having babies thing must have freaked me out a bit…


I’m starting to think about possible jobs for the boys once they get old enough. I think Holdem wants to be a Secret Agent — he’s already well-rounded in skills even as a teen, he’s back to being a straight-A student, and his “Friend of the World” aspiration fits in nicely with a profession that requires a good amount of charisma, even if you can’t tell anyone what your real job is without having to kill them after. Ratscrew the unfortunately-named is a fan of the great outdoors, quite active, and likely to want to become an astronaut, because ASTRONAUTS. Slapjack I’m not so sure about. He’s quieter yet sociable, drawn to more cerebral pursuits but not creative… possible super-villain material but I’m not sure I’ve got what it takes to play the bastard you need to be to become a villain in Sims 4.

Fortunately I’ve got a while before the twins need jobs (they’re not even teenagers yet), and then I have the option of moving them out of my household, except that I have no idea how to get people OUT of my family if I want them to be gone. I’m guessing romance can lead to moving into a new household and out of the current one? Once again my lack of experience playing multiple Sims over any length of time marks me for a noob. Clue-by-fours gratefully received.

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  1. Sorry about Gordon’s demise. He seemed a bit of a flash in the pan in any case. The kids have great futures ahead of them it seems. Good luck with Save/Exit as you go along.

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