Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Keeping Up With The Goths

Somehow, Bella Goth (in all her boobed-up, Jessica Rabbit Sims 4 glory) was the first friend Cheesi managed to make on day 1, at the Library of all places.

The shots below are from a few days in. Parcheesi obtained the computer from the writer career (I got over feeling cheaty) and immediately swapped to the musical career she’s been dreaming of, though for the time being it isn’t exactly what she’d imagined. For her first promotion, she got a… Rolodex. So much for getting a Fender…

Anyway, she came home to find Bella waiting on her, er, lot-step, and of course she invited Bella in. (I suspect Parcheesi may be a bit of a social climber, though she would deride it if asked.) Bella’s expression at Parcheesi’s “home” says it all…




Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – And So It Begins

Meet Parcheesi Mirage.

She’s Creative, Good, and a Music Lover, and her fondest wish is to become a rock star (Musical Genius aspiration). She likes puppies, pastels, playing poker and alliteration. Last week she discovered that Great-Aunt Solitaire Mirage (whom she had never met) had passed away and left her some property in Willow Creek — a timely bequest, since Cheesi was about to be evicted from the fleapit apartment she used to share with her ex.


The Legacy Challenge rules can be found here. It’s a challenge that’s been around for a while in the Sims, but it’s my first time attempting it.

The rules I chose, with help from Stargrace, are Equality (Gender law), Strict Traditional (Bloodline law), and First Born (Heir law) — mostly because they’re simple and easy for me to remember and enforce on this first attempt. Other rules did tempt me (Strict Matriarchy FTW!) but we’ll try those if I make it through the current challenge.

My self-imposed house-rule — just for a bit of flavour — is that every child born to the family must be named after a card game.

I also watched a couple of Pinstar’s play-streams, and although his voice-activated mic drove me bananas and it was weird missing half the conversation from watching the non-live version, I did like some of his ‘house rules’. Notably:

— Build the lot up according to that generation’s leader’s personality. Character quirks inform building and furnishing choices. As a roleplayer, this pleases me.

— Craft a backstory. As a roleplayer, this also pleases me — and makes me feel a little closer to my Sims.

One of the problems I have with the Sims is that I have never particularly wanted to roleplay my Sims. I’m the omniscient narrator in their stories, few of which are ever told or experienced in the first person (though a couple of notable Sims 3 chars did manage to break that tendency). Perhaps this Legacy Challenge, with its various rules and options, will change the trend and make me see them more like people than puppets.

Another issue I have is my utter inability to a) let my Sims do what they want (because what they end up doing is usually idiotic) and b) control more than 1-2 Sims in a household. I think the accepted term would be ‘control freak’ — and I’m trying to break that tendency as well. This is the first Sims game in which I’ve been tempted to actually let my creations do as they please (at least for a time), because the AI does seem to be a little smarter. I don’t know how well that will sit with needing to keep the family going for the Legacy Challenge, but we’ll see.

In keeping with the rules, I plopped Parcheesi on a 50×50 slot, bought the expensive suit of armour (which is now in the family inventory) and spent every last cent on a decent bed and a fridge. I’m very tempted to start with the writer career, having seen Pinstar do just that in order to acquire the promotion-reward computer, but it feels a bit cheaty… Then again, if this were 3 years down the line I’d know for myself that the Writer career rewards that, so perhaps it’s not too bad. You can’t really see it on the screenshot below, but ‘Cheesi looks a bit bemused…

Parcheesi moves in