There will be geekery

Or should that be nerdery?

At any rate, I’m posting this to keep myself honest. A week or so ago I asked my FB and G+ homies if there would be any interest in me posting stuff about a Fate campaign I’m planning to run. There was interest (and my ego sighed with relief).

So there shall be posts. I just need to figure out how to approach this without giving away the mega-ultra-seekrit background plotty things in case my players (all two of them) should drop by here and see things players should not wot of, to paraphrase Mr. Pratchett.

I’m looking forward to it, in a ungh-now-I-have-to-post-again and a gah-what-have-I-forgotten (to make up) kind of way.

6 thoughts on “There will be geekery

  1. Sekret Circles via G+ would be one way to prevent the riff-raff from seeing the fun stuff 🙂

  2. Sadly, half the riff-raff are on my main (i.e. people I give a frack about) circles. That said I don’t think either of them read this blog, but you just know Sod would prompt them to out of the blue when I start posting…

  3. I’ll be glad to see more posts from you on my new feedly feed! (Goes off to figure out what a Fate campaign is.)

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