SimCity: oh sh*t patch

So, presumably EA woke up this morning and saw the shitstorm. (Actually it’s very likely most of them worked through the night. I actually love game people, I just hate the way launches are always poo.)

They’re rolling out a server update. Since I’m not sure everyone can access that page, here’s the text:

We are working hard to resolve a problem that is at the heart of the issues which some players have reported. Namely:

Trading not working consistently

  • Unable to load/claim city errors
  • Getting stuck in a loop in the tutorial

To that end, we are currently rolling out a server update which we believe will improve performance considerably. This will involve restarts over the next 4-5 hours across all of our current severs. Minor player impact may occur, such as trading not working consistently and the region wall not working occasionally. We appreciate your continued patience and support while this fix is being deployed.

Please continue to check back here for updates

It seems the tutorial-loop issue may be fixed already, or that could just be because I finally thought to run the game as admin. Then again, it still wouldn’t let me play. It probably knows I should be working.

2 thoughts on “SimCity: oh sh*t patch

  1. Your games know you should be working and try and prevent you playing?

    Wow, very helpful.

    Mine are complete and utter bastards. They’re always calling out, “Come play me” when I’m in the middle of a project and have no time to play.

  2. I think it is funny that they don’t include “Not able to fucking log in” as one of the problems. Yeah trading. That’s cute.

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