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I used to get annoyed at druids in PvP in WoW, because the little buggers are unkillable, sort of like paladins only more moonkinny. Then again, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with droods. I made one early on and never really played her. Made another and never really played her either – and so on. Each time I’ve come back to WoW I’ve made another druid (to start fresh or some such smart reason) and never played her.

Last year, however, I finally made one as a hermit char and played her up to 60, which took about 17.4 seconds with the new levelling and a couple of heirloom xp items. (For those who don’t know: a hermit character is one nobody else knows about so you can play them when you’re not feeling sociable. Of course, the whole e-mailfriends WoW thing, whatever it’s called, puts the kibosh on that because they can see you’re online no matter who you’re playing, but that’s okay; I’ve only got 2 of those and we don’t bug each other a whole lot.) And then she sat there for a few months, gathering rest xp and dust, until I brushed her off again during the Xmas break.

into the wild blue yonder

Now, while I don’t particularly want to gush… OMGWTFBBQOPSMASHRIPRIP! Druids are fun, especially feral druids when it comes to my own playstyle. Sneak around when you need to, claw-shred-rip the crap out of stuff when you want, heal when required, claw-shred-rip some more, rinse repeat. I’ll grant you it doesn’t require a whole lot of keys and it’s not all that varied, but none of that matters in the face of shredding the opposition before they even know what’s hit them.

So my little druid is now 70 and claw-shred-ripping her way through the aptly-named Northrend. I don’t want to like her more than my hunter, who is my day 1 character (hell, Eloise is a remake of my beta character so she’s like a million years old in MMO years), but… well… who needs a pet when you can be your own pet? And flight form rocks, especially the faster purple flight form.

I’ve also been indulging in pet battles. I’m still shocked at how addictive those are if you let them be, especially when you get complacent about how good your main team is (mechanical gnome, nexus wyrm, flayer hatchling) and then one of the battle masters hands you your ass; not once, but three times. After the third time I realised it was time to a) level my guys a little and b) find some team members who weren’t going to be insta-roasted by the Shadowmoon guy’s horrible little flame elemental.

There’s something for me about WoW that other people report finding in GW2, which is uncomplicated fun. I’ve logged in to TSW a few times and though I still love the game, it just demands too much thought from me at the moment. So I’m dabbling in TSW for brief, cogitation-laden sessions and then going back to WoW to relax. I’m just glad I have several games I can hop around in and only one I need to be paying for.

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  1. I admit to having several druids scattered across the universe at different levels of abandonment. One is even in Outland, just barely. I love the idea of them, but I always go back to my shadow priest.

    Pet battles are way too addictive. My team (highlands turkey, stinker, gazelle fawn) have been doing well, right up until they hit the ghoul in Zul’drak. Three days running he has creamed my team. Think I need something with damage miotigation.

  2. You are making me nostalgia hard for my Druid days back in BC and early Wrath. As a solo class there was nothing like feral druid. Stealth, tanking, spells, healing, three different CCs, instant flight, ridiculous movement tricks… The glory days of hybrids! Before the devs realised how ridiculous it was to let some classes do everything at the same time.

    Even today Druids are still the most class in the game. I mean come on, four specs?!

    Pet Battles in WoW reminds me of first-generation Pokémon, unrefined, unbalanced, and a stupid amount of fun. I look forward to seeing where this feature goes in the future.

  3. Like Coreus, I had fond memories of my (feral) Druid from TBC. Although, I didn’t see it as being any more overpowered than Hunters or Paladins, just a lot more flexible. I paid for that flexibility in needing 3 sets of gear and a very strange talent spec. (This is the days before dual specs and when gold pieces flowed like water.)

    I don’t think I’d be quite so taken with it in the current era, though. The simplified talent system doesn’t look like it allows as much flexibility. Interesting to read the experience of others, though.

  4. Since I don’t run dungeons, I don’t know about flexibility for druids. I will say that the dumbing-down of talents made the hunter a lot more fun than it already was and mine certainly seems to have a lot more options now, as well as a crapton more survivability. I often pull 4+ level 90 mobs with my hunter now just because it’s so much FUN to manage them all and still come out alive. 😀

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