The Screenshot of Ultimate Evil

…okay, not really.

But I did notice just now that my media folder here on WordPress contains 666 images. Given that I’m playing The Secret World right now, that seemed a little ominous (geddit?).

So here’s upload 667. Whew. Maybe that creepy child will get out of my office closet now.

Do not suffer a witch to live
Do not suffer a witch to live. Poor lady. Great quest (even if bugged).

2 thoughts on “The Screenshot of Ultimate Evil


    I’ve seen it precisely once. Didn’t have the mission at the time, of course; Melmoth pointed it out as we ran to the treehouse, “that’s usually bugged”, said he.

    Never seen it since…

    Kept popping back from the Academy or the Bait Shop, still no urn… have moved on to the Blue Mountains now, but returned when I saw a line in the most recent patch notes about the urn now spawning… Did it spawn? Did it heck as like.


    Actually, it’s worked fine for me the two times I’ve tried it. Having said that, I think I’ve experienced something like five or six character deaths on that puzzle; so “fine” is a matter of perspective. 😉

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