TSW – Tell me, have you seen…

I could really batter a piece of cod right about now.

More screenshots added here for those who like other people’s holiday snaps.

In other news, trained swords on Sunday and was suddenly much happier with my char. I think the problem has to do with the fact that I couldn’t find the #&*^@*% fist-AoE builder – I’m sure there is one, or there used to be in beta, but I played through almost 50 skill points without a single bloody AOE (not counting the 20-second cooldown one) and it wasn’t fun.

Actually, maybe I just wanted to go back to having a sword. I like swords, even though my newest one makes a drudge board look good. The plan was to also train Assault Rifles just to see how that works with Blades, but at the moment I’m enjoying my Blade/Blood combo so I haven’t put anything into AR yet. Time enough… whenever.

4 thoughts on “TSW – Tell me, have you seen…

  1. The character I’ve been playing in place of my glitched main is a Sword/AR combo, and I’ve enjoyed it, seems to be a good solo act.

  2. I’ve been running Blades/Blood since Closed Beta. Great stuff. I’ve bought a lot of other abilities (got all the melee and magic inner wheel, and am working on fist and hammer outer wheels now) but Blades/Blood is by far my favorite. It’s actually led me to avoid playing alts, since I’d just end up making the same build right now. 😉

  3. Blades/Chaos here. Working up a potential tank – and having an absolute blast. Crimson Theatre does insane damage.

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