The Secret World – couple screenies

I will at some point do a review but here’s the sad truth: on early access Day 1, I managed to log in for about 10 minutes at 11 at night. Yesterday (Day 2), I managed about 45 minutes and that was mostly helping a friend out with some weird character issue. (Oh come on, it’s launch – and actually, considering… it’s not the usual Failcom launch. It’s definitely better. But it’s still launch.)

So these screenshots are in fact from beta, just to give you an idea of the zombie goodness of the first zone. Not just zombies – there are also weird Icelandic/Norse sea zombies (think Iron Islanders & their Drowned God, only with more barnacles and usually more dead).

Sadly it’s all I have time for right now. I have more work to do. So much for my taking a week off around launch… Bah. Click through for bigger versions.

Letting myself get killed by zombies. No really – it was required for a mission.

I’m too sexy for my corset.

Zombie parts are hell to clean off. Hence my char not wearing a whole lot… Yeah. That’s it…

Nice pants!

Oh, and there’s some kind of lair of ultimate evil in the background.

12 thoughts on “The Secret World – couple screenies

    1. Eh, no – but you can make your own by splitting off a bag and locking it. Locking it doesn’t stop you moving it around or resizing the bag – it just stops it from closing when you close the inventory. A little primitive IMO, but it works well enough.

      1. Oh, I thought I’d missed some little option in the settings during beta. Really enjoyed playing the game, just a shame that I can’t afford another sub/game expense at the moment. I’ll definitely be picking it up somewhere down the line though.

      2. You want a very late Birthday present? Especially considering I ACTUALLY FORGOT your birthday (and Kath’s) this year? I feel bad about that. πŸ™

    1. Yep – out to sea a little ways. There’s actually nothing there (or wasn’t in Beta), but that’s not as dramatic. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hehe the clothes are pretty neat. They were all available quite cheaply in Beta, of course, so we could test stuff. That red top is still available (and in a bunch of colours), but it’s a bit more expensive than it used to be. Pretty sure I saw it in the London clothing store – Pangaea.

      Actually the new clothing prices seem fairly sensible – there’s not much else to do with actual money in the game other than buying more bag space (which is pretty reasonably-priced).

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