Oh, my ego

I probably shouldn’t be posting about this because it’s from the super-seekrit beta forums for TSW (or are they super-seekrit now the NDA is down?), but I’ll take the risk. Also, I want those of you with better memories to correct me if needed.

Someone used the term “content locust” in a thread title and post, and while I’m not sure I actually coined the damn thing (probably not), I do use it relatively often. It was stupidly chuffing to see it mentioned, regardless of the attendant flameage and, you know, actual content of that thread – and regardless of the fact that nobody will ever know or care who did coin it (assuming it doesn’t die the usual internet-term death within the next 6 months).

Except me. I’ll know. Whether I actually coined it or not, I can probably claim co-founder status and in a weird way that’s really satisfying.

I do have an ego, and sometimes it likes to pat itself on the back (yes, my ego has a back. Stop splitting hairs.) – mostly by sharing it with strangers on a blog. We now return you to your regular programming.

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