Better (secretly) late than never

So this is one of those usual conundrums.

I have a couple of  one buddy key for a beta I’m not allowed to say I’m in. Closed beta keys that is, not open beta keys which would be silly.

Edit – Keys both gone!

If you know which one and you’re interested, leave a comment. Or you could just wait and catch the launch which isn’t that far away.

Another caveat: you’re looking at a multi gigabyte download (probably something like 14-18), so it would be useful if you had a much faster internet connection than we do. With our truly pooey DSL (and no, we can’t get better here in the boonies) it took me the better part of 4 days to download.

You Have Been Warned.

13 thoughts on “Better (secretly) late than never

  1. WORLD of SECRETs, meh. no thanks, combat didn’t seem to tighten up enough for my tastes. Left LOTRO for that reason alone, sad, isn’t it?

    1. Ask and ye shall receive. As bestest and oldest I should have thrown it your way – I didn’t think. It’s a blessing… and a curse. Sent.

      1. Of course, Sod’s Law dictates that by the time I’ve downloaded all 16Gb they shut down to apply another patch…

    1. We have supposedly 1.5 down here, which is bollox – my usual download rate is ~150k/s. So if that’s what you have, you’re looking at several days to download the damn thing. Let me know if you’re still interested. 😉

  2. Welp, I have 20 megabits a sec (hubby provided me the specifics so if that’s bats or bytes it’s my bad 😉 and if my teenage girl hasn’t thrown us over our 250 gig a month limit by watching “Let’s Play’s” from sundown to sun-up, then I’d be tickled scarlet to get a sneak peek of the mysterious game. I can always unplug her internet and start playing Skyrim, bemoaning the internet’s sudden demise. =)

    1. You’re on, Tina – sorry it took me so long to see this. Can you drop me a mail at stylishcorpse @ so I know where to send the code?

    1. Heya Victor – your antennae are working well! I lost my dad a few days ago – don’t want to advertise it, but probably not going to post for a few days.

      1. Very sorry to hear of your loss, Ysh. My condolences to you and your family.

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