Happy New Year!

What? Better 3.5 months late than never, right?

The MMORPG gig is winding down, largely because there’s not enough time in the day to do all the work I’m doing AND sleep / eat / get clean AND write a column. Actually, it’s probably more a question of head-space, but same end result. Because the folks there are total stars, however, I’ll be able to guest-spot if and when a game moves me enough to write about it.

Yeah… There’s the rub. I’m not sure whether I don’t have time for games or whether I just don’t have the same interest in games, which if the latter would kind of suck since I still think of myself as a gamer. I played SW:TOR for a month at release, dabbled for a further month, and stopped (though my sub is still active through this month, I think). We keep buying Xbox games I don’t end up having time to play. I never did get all that far in Skyrim in the end, and I’ve managed maybe the first 5 minutes of Red Dead Redemption (and promptly got killed in a duel I had no idea I’d accepted). Arkham Asylum is still sitting in its shiny wrapper (actually a plastic bag, since it’s a used copy). We bought a bunch of other used games in a spree at Game Spot and I couldn’t even tell you what they are.

I’ve re-downloaded Age of Conan (and wasn’tthat a bloody week-long saga on our crappy internet connection) but I haven’t even made it off the starting beach in a month. I’ve re-downloaded the various digital Sims games/packs I own, and I’ve not played them either. I downloaded Wurm online yesterday, but by the time it was done patching I was too tired to want to be eaten by a grue.

Even the impending arrival of The Secret World is eliciting little more than a tired “Yeah, yeah, meh” from me. I don’t think that’s permanent – I’m still really looking forward to that game, not to mention Guild Wars 2, but…

Okay, fine, I think I’ve been working too hard. I clawed a whole 2 days off for this weekend, but for the last 3 months of last year and the first 3 months of this one I’ve been at least a few hours (usually the standard 8-9) 7 days a week. A month ago I decided my sanity required at least one whole day where I could wake up and say “I’m not working today!”, and that’s helped, but now I’m working my way up to 2, at least some of the time.

Bright side: well, when you’re freelance, lots of work = lots more money. No, I’m not buying a Rolls anytime soon and no, I can’t afford to take off to Cabo every weekend (assuming I took weekends), but the business is growing and that’s a really good feeling. My standards are actually fairly low: screw Cabo, I just want to know I can pay my bills on time and deal with emergencies if and when they come up.

So anyway, I sort of want to play but I don’t really have the energy to do so. I figured I might finally check out Minecraft, in the hope that the demands of my schedule might protect me from being sucked down the addiction-hole… though from what I’ve heard others say, that’s kind of like saying “I can stop anytime I want!” I haven’t downloaded it yet anyway – with our connection out here, anything above 2 megabytes needs careful planning and scheduling. /rolleyes

Oh well. At least I was moved to post here again, which is actually rather nice. I wonder if anyone is left out there?