WoW Firelands: I was doin' it rong

Here, specifically, and not so much wrong as not entirely right. They’re my hairs and I shall split them as I please.

As it turns out you don’t get ALL the Shadow Warden dailies and ALL the Druid of the Talon dailies once you’ve unlocked both. You do your dailies outside, as usual, pop into the Firelands and do those initial dailies, as usual, then you get to choose which side’s dailies you’d like to do.

No-brainer there for me then. Jumping off cliffs and getting my ass roasted by birds, or slamming through spiders my hunter can also skin for all their leathery goodness? (No. Don’t ask me how a spider – a fiery spider – can be skinnable. I don’t wanna know and I can’t wait for the pair of fiery red and yellow boots those are going to make me. Shut up there with your realism, you.)

So anyway, quick recap for the 2 people who may not yet have jumped on the Firelands daily bandwagon.

1. Do a bunch of quests in Hyjal

2. Open up the dailies at the Sanctuary of Mallorne. Get enough tokens to:

3. Open up the initial dailies in the Firelands. Get enough tokens by rinse-repeating 2-3 to:

4. Open up the second set of dailies in the Firelands. Once both second sets are open, pick one every day. (Note that it’s worth doing the dailies on each side at least once since there are achievements tied up with interacting/saving/tickling various NPCs.)

5. Repeat 2-4 until you open up the final set of dailies, which is more like one daily in fact.

6. Repeat 2-5 until your head falls off — I haven’t finished each of the last 3 quests, so I don’t know what happens after. I am anticipating an earth-shattering kaboom

*cough* Anyone got a TSW beta spot? *cough*

5 thoughts on “WoW Firelands: I was doin' it rong

  1. I’m one of those 2 that haven’t done any Firelands dailies. Two 85s and not a single daily. Meh.

    I’ve found low level PvP to be more enjoyable than raiding this expansion.

  2. Am I the second one? But I don’t play WoW at all, so maybe that does not count.

    I do have a beta spot, although that is not for TSW, sorry.

  3. “*cough* Anyone got a TSW beta spot? *cough*”

    Perhaps the most important part of this post.

    1. This is what WoW is today.
    2. Read 1.

    1. Hah ain’t that the truth. TBH the only reason I’m still playing WoW is because of the friends I’m playing with. :/ I don’t hate it, obviously, or I wouldn’t be playing it at all, but… eh.

  4. Heh I think I’m at about the same spot you are. I’m looking at 3 x 125 mark quests. I did do the other one with the firebirds but didn’t like it. I don’t have a problem jumping, but I agree, the other one with the spiders seemed quicker to complete and I’d rather be shooting stuff than hopping up air vents.

    I’ll be going for the Armaments one first. It gets me the most returns; trinket, ring (I’ll skip, I have a raid drop ring that is better), recipe for a gun and recipe for a scope (I am an Engineer so /rawr)

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