Get your ass off my NPC

This needs to be said, and while I’m annoyed by it specifically in WoW at the moment it applies to any game with mounts or vehicles, especially large ones.

Don’t be an asshole and park your big mounted ass on top of NPCs.

(Sub-rule: don’t be an asshole and hover your big mounted ass right on top of my head, m’kay? Or I may have to find out where you live and fling monkey poo at your windows.)

(Anyone know where to get a cheap supply of monkey poo?)

What irks me the most is that basically there’s a proportion of people who don’t even stop to think how their parking their big mounted ass on top of an NPC affects everyone else. (The ones who actually do it on purpose I ignore, because they’re assholes rather than stupidly oblivious.) It’s not that they don’t give a shit — they’re not even aware that there’s any kind of a shit to give.

Wake up! Realise that there are other people in the world around you, virtual or otherwise. You’re not a unique and beautiful snowflake and I can assure you the world doesn’t revolve around you. In fact, if you weren’t such an oblivious idiot, you might find people are generally nicer to you because you’re not passively impinging on their day by being so moronically thoughtless.

This applies to people on the road, too. I’m tired of having to drive not only for myself but also for the mind-bogglingly irritating people who are applying lipstick / texting / checking their phone / scratching their butt at 80 mph on I-40 on the way into Albuquerque.

Just sayin’.


6 thoughts on “Get your ass off my NPC

  1. We had an incident during the first week of free server transfers in Rift. For some reason, our server, which was full enough to produce a queue, was open for transfers *in.* In protest a couple of big guilds and not a few independent trolls tried to “hide” all the world event/daily quest givers. It must have been irritating for some.

    But for those of us that remembered that you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in…it really didn’t present a problem at all, lol…

    So I got to troll the trolls. Which is a rare treat these days.

  2. Amen! It’s so annoying. I’ve just resigned myself to thinking that they are all assholes and are doing it on purpose. I didn’t think there could be that many, “stupidly oblivious,” people around.

  3. LOTRO just had its Summer Festival, one of the events of which was a race where you picked a winner from the NPCs running, and had to wait and watch to see who won. On my server, anywhere from 1-14 people might be there at a time, and all the sensible ones would be on horseback, because the festival also featured a consumable that caused everyone around you to faint when used, but the faint doesn’t work on horseback (nor did most other tricks).

    This resulted in a large cluster of people on horseback crowding in around the NPC quest giver waiting for the brief time period they would have after a race ended to go turn it in and claim their winnings. All the “big people” kept parking on hobbits. :>

  4. If you really hate the Tauren-on-a-mammoth blocking the quest giver I have a remedy:
    1) Go do Dalaran daily cooking quest
    2) Open the spice bag – pray for baby spice
    3) heh, heh, heh, heh
    4) Profit.

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