TSW – Creepy Friday goodness

There’s a video out. I squeee’d, though it was too short (the video that is). The bits that look like in-game footage are looking better and better. Nice textures, good atmosphere, great shadows. Am I going to have to buy a new computer for this?

Yeah, I’m officially hyped. Fangirlism can’t be far behind.

The problem is, I’m really not good with stuff leaping out at me, Anthony-Hopkins-like, from the shadows. I can already see myself in my darkened office, screen flickering, headphones blasting, suddenly jumping 3 feet off my chair and AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHing like a foghorn when something leaps out of the shadows. Because there will be shadow-leapage right from the start; players will more or less learn the ropes in these Solomon Island locations they’re revealing, and there are more shadows there than you can shake a stick at. If you had a stick. Which you probably don’t, because you’re a noob and haven’t figured out how to pick one up yet.

Shadow-leapage and weird patchwork/undead/semi-animal/squamous monsters. Undead and demons and crows, oh my!

This should be fun. I can has beta spot please?

1 thought on “TSW – Creepy Friday goodness

  1. Yes please to shadow-leapage, with or without sticks 🙂

    The game looks really great, hopefully it will be playable while looking great.

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