The Secret World – E3 snippets

In case you’ve got your head stuck down a gopher hole (what? my Husky does it all the time)  or just happen to be as bad as I am at keeping up with news. These days I neither read my RSS feeds (sorry all) nor much of anything else game-related… Except for #TSW stuff. E3 is on right now, however, and info is flowing out as though from a busted hydrant so that even I have to work at missing it.

TSW: New location revealed – Innsmouth Academy. There’s a shadow over that place, I tell ya.

From yesterday: Atlantic Island Park. Oh, just go poke about the website already, it’s really starting to flesh out.

A beta spot! a beta spot! my kingdom* for a beta spot!

*or at least something very nice, like a toaster or a spatula.