The writing's on the (pink) wall…

… but not anymore.

Larísa has written her last post at PPI. Sad – but understandable, too. Hopefully she’ll feel the tickle of the muse and come back in another incarnation at some point.

I’ve never really understood how people can get so abusive when someone leaves a TV show or stops writing a blog, as though there were some personal slight or deprivation intended. We really don’t exist just to serve as entertainment for other people; said other people need to learn to entertain themselves.

As someone who is too chickenshit to decide whether I’m still blogging here or not, I respect a rather more definite decision. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

{What? Would a Secret World beta spot make me change my mind? Why yes, yes it would. Hear me, Oh #TSW team!}

5 thoughts on “The writing's on the (pink) wall…

  1. Cheers!

    As you say… I might reincarnate. You never know. Someone you meet on the webs might actually be a pink pigtailed gnome in disguise, cunningly planning to have you try her latest draught without knowing.

    About making the decision… don’t try to. When it’s time to let go you’ll know beyond any doubt.

  2. Sometimes decisions not to blog aren’t all that deliberate and planned-out but sort of happen, as in my own case. I just haven’t had anything I wanted to blog about in the MMOsphere for a bit.

  3. Since I didn’t lock myself initially into MMO blogging (though I’ve done my fair share), it’s been easier to just post whatever I feel like writing about. At the same time, that means my “audience” is smaller and more ADD-prone, and the cross-section of readers who read everything I post is pretty small. That makes it easier to just sort of step aside if I feel like it, as almost everyone has an excuse to be happy I’ve stopped blathering. 😉

    But yeah, the entitlement mindset really baffles me, in whatever guise I see it in. I’m just thankful that great writers have shared their talent. There’s no contract, implied or otherwise, that they must continue to do so for my benefit, and it’s not something I’d reflexively think to get fussy about.

    Thankfully, it seems most of Larisa’s commenters are gracious. Maybe it’s the libations.

  4. Seems we bloggers are going through a slow phase. I wonder if the pace will pick up by years end, or if its time for a “new generation” of bloggers to take up the torch.

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