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  1. You and me both. I will almost for certain try a game if it has housing and an interesting crafting system, just so I can throw a bit of (financial) support to developers who actually take the time and effort to do them, especially housing.

    By the way, have you stumbled across ArcheAge? It’s an upcoming sandbox MMO that has housing, allows you to terraform, and has seafaring features. (Okay, it’s not going to be out anytime soon, but…) I read and saw a video about the housing and ohhhhhhhhh boy, did I get excited even though I know better. Take a gander at some info:

    “There is a house construction system similar to Ultima Online: You will have your yard, your house. However the housing spots will be available to only about 50% of the players at release, because there is simply not enough space. That will be fixed with various updates post release. You can construct different houses, by size and type. You can construct public and private houses, unite them into villages.

    “You can hire a NPC for your house, or to protect your yard, you can grow crops, grapes, make wine out of grapes, and sell, drink it with other players. The house can be used as a house, as a crafting station or as a shelter. Hostile guilds can spoil your yard, as it seems. We want to let players hire NPC as sellers in front of their houses or gardens.

    “At this moment we are still developing the Auction/Banking systems. You can also set up a garden or a farm, or both together beside your house. You can build farm territories.”

    Youtube video of a group of people buiding a house: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv5Sh3M2iP8
    Here are some links for you to peruse if you like:

    1. Bit more info on the game in general (I’m not trying to fangirl it, I promise — I’m just interested in games like this):

      # Class pick is like in Ultima Online – You choose between Warrior, Priest, Mage, Ranger, and the 5th choice is CUSTOM – you can make yourself. The system of classes works like this:

      # You have 10 main combat skill setups. When you start, you can pick only 3 of them. Afterwards, you can deactivate some, activate others, but the maximum activated is set at 3. So overall it makes 120 variations possible.

      Each of 10 skill setups (from which you can only have 3 active) can be leveled up to the cap, but the price for changing between them is high. Each skill setup will have dozens of unique skills. For example, there are skills such as Floating Bubble, which traps the selected character in a bubble and makes it float in the air for a certain time, and Psychokinesis, which allows you to lift and throw a character. They are also thinking of making some combos between skills. For example, if Shock Arrow is used after Floating Bubble, the selected character will be sent farther than when struck on ground.

      Skills –

      * Combat – Close combat
      * Witchcraft – Debuffs, Crowd control.
      * Invincibility – Tanks skills, all for defense and survivability.
      * Will – Magical damage, magic defence, opening portals.
      * Necromancy – Necromancer. Period.
      * Wild nature – Ranger, taming skills.
      * Magic – Magic.
      * Assasin – Burst damage pvp build.
      * Romance – Buffs (you sing, you play)
      * Love – Heal and resurrect allies.

      – Every object in the world can be interacted with, its not just for decoration usually. You can climb a tree, you can get fruits from it, or you can cut it down and use it as a bridge over a river. You can also plant the trees almost anywhere you want, and they will grow overtime. For example you can plant a forest with your friends, and some person that runs by will get a feeling that he is lost, because there was no forest here before.

      1. It does sound interesting. However, so did Xyson a year ago and I gave em something like $40 only to end up feeling rather disappointed and wanting nothing to do with it. Which is maybe more to do with me than with the game, but I did feel a bit gypped. Will watch the vids! πŸ˜€

      2. Yeah, true. But at least ArcheAge is pretty. Also seems to be backed by a large development team — the guy behind it is the guy who did Lineage 2, though that may be a minus rather than a plus (in terms of grind).

        They did say they were trying to focus on the EU and NA markets, so we’ll see.

  2. Housing is sticky. Seems to me that that’s a good thing in MMO-subscription land.

  3. What Tesh said. Housing gives you a fun side game that isn’t raiding or PvP. It really is a good feature to have in an MMO that caters to casual players.

  4. Yeah, I need housing now. So i’m stuck playing only a handful of games that have it.

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