#TSW – I am hype!

RAR! There’s also a new website! You haven’t seen this. I didn’t link it.

There’s a trailer. You can see it here, or you can clicky below. Yes, you’re allowed to see it today without risk of tentacly death. Well – not much risk.

The gameplay, if such it is, looks reasonable (and I really don’t pay much attention to that shiz till I get to try it myself). The character models look great — not elongated or plastic-wrapped like in EQ2, not cartoony, not uncanny-valley that I can tell. I’m actually looking forward to hauling ass into battle in a pair of jeans and sneakers — or a Chanel suit, if that’s what I want to do. But NO FREAKING SHOULDER PADS!!

The voiceovers are zomgwtfbbq hype, but that’s totally okay. I kind of like it when designers seem sincerely enthused by their own product, especially if it’s a product I plan on acquiring. You don’t really want Marvin the designer-android standing there telling you how great his game is when he  patently doesn’t believe a word of it. (Course, the trailer producers should just pick better actors, but I’m going to stop being so cynical now).

I just have one more word for y’all — well okay, two: ZOMBIE T-REX!!!! Pure, unadulterated win.

I am now officially frothing at the mouth again. Hey, #Ragnar — I can haz beta nao?

7 thoughts on “#TSW – I am hype!

  1. I literally just squeee’d at work. I have SO been looking forward to this, from the very first mention that I saw.

    1. This is why working from home has its perks. You can SQUEEEEEEEE! out loud and nobody cares, though I do occasionally get funny looks from the dogs… 😀

  2. I too am now absolutely foaming to play this. The setting really looks fantastic. I like how they handled the three factions as well.

  3. Must play now…

    I have to admit this is looking really good. If Funcom don’t make the same mistakes that they made in AO and AoC, they are going to have a cracking game with TSW.

    Back to zombie mode. Must play now…

  4. The game looks just great, and I’m floored that they’re talking of a beta so soon. I really hope it delivers for its faithful fans.

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